Underground Sales System: Make Money with Dropshipping eCommerce Training?

A simple review of Underground Sales System by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton of Digital Success Network that helps train and coach entrepreneurs interested in dropshipping ecommerce businesses using a done for you product platform.


Have you ever considered starting an eCommerce business? Not sure how to go about picking suppliers, stocking up inventory or even pricing for that matter? If so, it turns out that inventory isn’t all that necessary. In fact, you don’t even need your own product, nor do you need to rely on ad services housed on social media platforms.

The purpose of this review is to present the Underground Sales System, created by duo, Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton. The duo affirm that profits can be made in a matter of 48 hours. How is this achievable you may ask, here’s a complete breakdown on what this system entails as part of the Digital Success Network:

What is the Underground Sales System?

The Underground Sales System is a system that aims to teach individuals how to sell products online without the hassle of coming up with a product, reaching out to suppliers or even figuring out where to sell.

How does the Underground Sales System work?

Individuals will only have to follow four simple-to-execute steps:

  • Install a store with the 1-click system
  • Load the products which are already selected for individuals
  • Make sales and profits using untapped traffic sources
  • Systemize delivery which is allegedly 100% automated

How profitable is the Underground Sales System?

When this system is replicated, three profitable products can help one generate $840 each per day. As per the official website, the income-generating potential goes as follows:

  • Month 1 (one product): $840 per day
  • Month 2 (two products): $1680 per day
  • Month 3 (three products): $2520 per day
  • Month 4 (four products): $3360 per day
  • Month 5 (five products): $4200 per day
  • Month 6 (six products): $5040 per day

That said, the income cannot obviously be replicated as it heavily depends on the cost of products that individuals start with.

What is there to know about the Underground Sales System training?

Based on the claims made, there is an Underground Sales System training designed to help individuals get started. Delivered exclusively online, this Digital Success Network training by Aidan and Steve will include:

  • An in-depth breakdown of the Underground Sales System
  • How to go about setting everything up so that individuals can get a feel for the possible profits that they will be making
  • The ideal pricing approaches poised to bring maximum profits

What are the benefits of the Underground Sales System?

The benefits of the Direct Success Network's Underground Sales System have been listed as follows:

  • There supposedly aren’t any traffic issues, as individuals will be directed to high-targeted buyer traffic
  • Suppliers and one’s target market will be within the U.S.
  • The risks are deemed low due to the lack of stocks/inventories and the fact that products will only be purchased once sold
  • No competition because individuals will be selling diverse products
  • Average net profit margin of 50%
  • Rapid results, usually within the first 48 hours
  • Requires as little as 5 to 10 hours a week to operate and little to zero experience selling products

How much does the Underground Sales System cost?

The current going price of the Underground Sales System is $1497. If this seems too much to pay at once, individuals also have the option to pay $597 per month for three months. In addition, each purchase has a 100% 30-days money-back guarantee. In this case, should individuals feel that the aforementioned profits were not witnessed for themselves, a refund can be requested by submitting a ticket here.

Who are behind the Underground Sales System?

The creators behind the Underground Sales System are Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton. Booth allegedly started his internet marketing business back in 2005, which started off with multiple mishaps. However, within a year, he became more accustomed to the internet and how to go around it and would eventually form the Digital Success Network.

Having traversed from affiliate sites with paid traffic to eCommerce sites and affiliate sites that leveraged Google traffic, his business quickly grew to house writers, designers and website builders to name the least.

Today, Booth alongside Steven Clayton – his partner since 2013 – have a few different things going for them. These include niche websites and eCommerce stores, online marketing training and consulting services, marketing, physical product brands, software as a service, hosting and domain registration.

Speaking of Clayton, most of his experience comes from the corporate world, as he previously served as the CFO of a Fortune 500 company. To learn more about the duo, click here.

Final Thoughts

Underground Sales System was designed to help individuals get started on how to sell their products online. What makes this service stand out is that all the heavy-duty work has been taken care of. In particular, individuals will be guided from start to finish, namely from product selection and pricing to actually advertising the products.

Another facet that makes this system appealing is that it has been designed to invite individuals of varying experience levels; not to forget how little time one needs to invest to make a significant income. Although the service’s price is relatively high, it seems incomparable to the purposed profits that one will be making.

The single drawback here is that getting in touch with the Underground Sales System team is not so crystal clear. It seems like a LiveAgent account needs to be created first. Even with that, it is vague as to whether this is merely for order support or not. To learn more about the Underground Sales System, click here.


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