Teeka Tiwari’s Project Deepwave: Wall Street’s Mysterious Dark Money Live Stream Details

Project Deepwave is Teeka Tiwari's new live stream event set for June 25, 2020 at 8PM ET where the legendary hedge fund manager will reveal a shocking phenomenon about Wall Street's mysterious dark money secrets that show a clear repeating pattern.


Teeka Tiwari is infamous for his investment advice. He’s personally been involved in many programs that show consumers how to invest in different assets. Now, he is using another online webinar to reveal the lies that Wall Street continues to push, though it will also show users how to spend two minutes on an investment that could make them a massive profit.

Teeka calls a new form of capital “dark money,” which he says that investors on Wall Street are using to make their money, hiding the way that they are actually making revenue. Dark money is transacted anonymously, but the secrets won’t stay hidden during Project Deepwave at 8:00pm EST on June 25th.

The interesting trait abut this dark money is that the capital somehow seems to be sold off immediately before the market hit a downward trend. It even starts to be purchased before the bull runs happen, instantly increasing the value of the investment. Teeka plans to show examples of how this happens during Project Deepwave, and he’ll even be revealing the names of investors that engage in these trades.

Still, investors shouldn’t feel lost or concerned about the fate of their money, because Teeka will also be detailing what attendees should do as a way to get around the lies that Wall Street tells. The secrets he reveals could even make users $19,740 every single time the trade is used.

Attending Project Deepwave

As exclusive as this event seems, consumers will only have to register online to be able to access the information. Using just their email address, attendees will automatically agree to the confidential preservation of what they will learn. After registering, the user just needs to wait until the Live Stream on June 25th to find out the details behind what Teeka has in store.

What Now?

Once the user is registered, the only thing that they need to do is wait for the event to take place. The registration confirms their place, and no other charges are needed. Though June 25th may seem like a long time to wait, Teeka’s timing typically is profitable for those who are willing to hold on until that night.

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