Stellar wallet, Lobstr has declared that it has released a new custody platform proposed at being consumer-friendly for retail investors looking for the best security of their crypto assets.

Lobstr was released back in 2015. Now, it is making a collaboration with DigitalBits, a blockchain startup which promises that it will soon release XDB labs allowing custodial and wallet storage for digital currencies on DigitalBits blockchain. Lobstr has also announced that it will soon look after the release of XDB Wallet into its platform.

Developed by the founders of Lobstr, the main purpose of XDB Labs is to provide an easy and secure cryptocurrency wallet solution which is relevant for customers and enterprises. XDB Labs main project, XDB wallet, will function as a solution to hold crypto assets on the DigitalBits native token, XDB.

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Al Burgio, who is the CEO of DigitalBits Foundation said, “XDB Wallet will not only make management of digital assets, such as loyalty and rewards points, simpler, but also provide incomparable levels of security for its users.”

The DigitalBits Blockchain is expecting to produce a marketplace where consumers can store and trade crypto assets like as loyalty points.

It is assumed that every year near about $ 16 billion of loyalty points go unredeemed in the U.S. alone. Hence, it is essential to solving this issue. With the help of blockchain, the rewards industry can be advanced, will, in turn, allow portability and immediate transactions.

Gleb Pitsevich, who is the co-founder of Lobstr, said, “We believe that applying blockchain technology to customer loyalty programs has great potential and can disrupt the legacy loyalty industry.”

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XBD Labs has worked hard to provide a secure but easy and hassle-free solution for cryptocurrencies that businesses and individuals can use without any kind of trouble. The XDB wallet allows storing crypto assets on the DigitalBits blockchain, the first of which will be the DigitalBits native token, called XDB.



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