Stansberry Investment Advisory: Ron Paul’s Battle for America Urgent Coronavirus Message

New Stansberry Investment Advisory features Ron Paul's Battle for America book where investors gain access to the brand-new 'America 2020' portfolio from the Stansberry Research analysts.


A new presentation from Ron Paul from Stansberry Research is debuting online that features the Battle for America book marketing campaign for its Stansberry Investment Advisory newsletter. The buzzing campaign features Ron Paul explaining an urgent coronavirus message to every American.

In the time sensitive video, the “End the Fed” book author and 22-year American liberty politician, Dr. Ron Paul explains that the COVID-19 coronavirus is a ‘conspiracy' to convince the country to elect a socialist president in 2020 and kickstarts the build up for the 2020 Election with an opportunity to get a copy of the new digital book: The Battle for America.


The presentation is very colorful and controversial, and makes for an entertaining message from Dr. Ron Paul. The page shares “What I’m about to share might sound controversial…But I’m not trying to scare anyone,” begins Paul. “I simply want to let you know what's really happening…and show you something you and your family can do today to protect yourselves from what’s really lurking around the corner.”

At the end of the lengthy video presentation, you receive an offer to subscribe to Stansberry Investment Advisory, a financial newsletter from Stansberry Research and a chance to get the Battle for America book from Ron Paul.


If you subscribe to Stansberry Investment Advisory today, you get access to a book called The Battle for America, which explains the best investments to make in the leadup to the 2020 election and many special bonus reports such as The Ultimate Trump Trade.

Watch and Read Ron Paul's Battle for America Presentation

What is the Ron Paul Coronavirus Message?

As part of a new marketing campaign for Stansberry Investment Advisory, Stansberry Research has partnered with Ron Paul to create a coronavirus-related marketing campaign.

ron paul investment advisory stat

In a video, Ron Paul explains that America’s reaction to the coronavirus shows there’s a conspiracy to elect a left-leaning president in the United States. Ron Paul doesn’t claim the coronavirus is fake, although he does claim that America has overreacted to the virus:

“Since September, the common flu has infected 36 million Americans and killed an estimated 22,000. But nobody ever suggested a fall or winter quarantine. Same with tuberculosis – a disease few of us worry about. More than 10 million people worldwide fell ill with tuberculosis in 2018. And it killed 1.5 million. Or consider the fact that 38,000 Americans die every year in car accidents. Nobody has EVER used that as a reason why Americans should stay off the streets! The coronavirus is a drop in the bucket compared to the worst pandemics in history, too. The Spanish flu, for example, left 50 million dead! The Black Plague killed as much as 60% of Europe.”

Ron Paul claims that the media has created a terrifying narrative, spreading fear across the country and “scaring anyone who watches the news that this is the apocalypse”.

stansberry investment advisory ron paul american message

Ultimately, Ron Paul gets to the point of his message, which is:

• Elected officials see the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to seize control of the country. “To them, this health crisis is a perfect opportunity to steal even more of our constitutional freedoms…and set America up for a socialist future.”
• Fearmongers in America “dream of martial law” and are pushing for martial law as a solution.
• Trump’s administration is preparing to launch a health care Patriot Act that tracks Americans’ health information. Dr. Paul describes this as “the biggest destruction of the 4th amendment our nation has ever seen – all because of a virus”.
• Dr. Paul is critical of the bailout packages being given away. The Federal Reserve has cuts rates to zero percent, opened the door to unlimited quantitative easing, and is now printing $125 billion a day.
• The Trump administration recently created a new and expansive national security watchlist that, for the first time since 9/11, includes Americans with no connection to terrorism. The watchlist allows the government to track and monitor Americans without a warrant – even when there’s no evidence they’re breaking the law.

Dr. Paul sums up his presentation with “Bottom line: I believe this virus has been over-hyped by government officials.”

Why are these government officials over-hyping the virus? Dr. Paul claims their goal is to elect a left-leaning “socialist” as President, which would “create a nightmare for Baby Boomers and others who are retired or nearing retirement”. As proof, Paul cites statistics showing the increasing voting power of younger voters, many of whom have different priorities than older voters.

ron paul chart on younger generation voters

“For many of these hopeless, indebted Millennials, something big needs to change. And they’re looking to the government to make it happen. Which is why these young voters will support a radical socialist candidate in 2020 like no politician you’ve seen before.”

Dr. Paul claims a left-leaning president would be bad for the country’s wealthiest individuals, but it would also have a net negative effect on the country overall:

“What will it mean for our country’s future… our economy… your savings? As you can imagine, it won’t be pretty.”

Stansberry Research is heavily marketing its sales page to right-leaning, older Americans, which is why much of the page appeals to that demographic.

Ultimately, you get to the point of Dr. Paul’s presentation: the best way to protect yourself and your retirement savings is to get an advantage over the market, and you can get that advantage by signing up for Stansberry Investment Advisory:

“The good news is that you can protect yourself now…But only if you know in advance what’s coming…The absolute best first step you can take is to get a copy of this new Stansberry Research book. It’s not available on Amazon or anywhere else. But you can get a copy right here, right now.”

What Will You Learn in The Battle for America Book?

Dr. Paul recommends subscribing to Stansberry Investment Advisor today to prepare your portfolio for the 2020 election.

The Battle for America highlights investments to make – and not to make – in the leadup to the 2020 election.

Some of the covered topics include:

• The 50 most dangerous companies in America today, including company shares “you’ll want to sell immediately” to prepare yourself for the 2020 election.
• Which investment sectors to avoid leading up to the 2020 election.
• A critical move you should make in your bank account that could save you up to $500,000
• What to do with your retirement accounts, like a 401(k) or IRA, in preparation for a socialist president
• A history of socialism in America, including how socialist policies emerged during the 1930s and impacted wealthy Americans for decades
• The one financial asset any investor should have to survive a post-election crisis; the secret “costs you almost nothing but could save your life”, according to the sales page
• A unique way of owning US currency that will soar in the crisis (bitcoin)
• Why the debts Millennials owe today on college, cars, and credit cards is more dangerous than the money owed during the 2008 mortgage crisis
• How to buy the world’s “trophy assets” when they’re selling at rock bottom prices
• How to get your money out of the United States financial system without opening an offshore checking account
Stansberry Research makes big claims about its investment advice. The company claims the one “secret asset” they recommend has generated returns of 1,700% since 1992 “without a single down year”.

stansberry investment advisory ron paul most valuable asset

The company also seems to advocate buying bitcoin to remove your money from the United States financial system. Bitcoin could be a secure store of value in times of economic trouble.

Overall, the book is written to older investors who:

• Believe that the United States will elect a left-leaning president in 2020
• Believe that President will immediately implement socialist policies that send financial markets into chaos
• Are concerned about their retirement savings and investment portfolios during uncertain times

If you fit into the target demographic, then you may want to read The Battle for America. You can only access the book by subscribing to Stansberry Investment Advisory toady.

Watch and Read Ron Paul's Battle for America Presentation

What is Stansberry Investment Advisory?

Stansberry Investment Advisory is an email newsletter priced between $50 and $200 per year, depending on your subscription level.

Each month, a new edition of Stansberry Investment Advisory will arrive in your email inbox. Each edition provides new investment recommendations, specific ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ stocks, a model portfolio, and other information.

Stansberry Investment Advisory is created by Stansberry Research, a Baltimore-based financial analysis company. That company describes itself as “the most successful independent financial research firm in America” and claims to have 280,000 customers worldwide.

Stansberry Investment Advisory Pricing

Stansberry Investment Advisory is priced at $199 per year. However, as part of the Ron Paul coronavirus warning promotion, the newsletter is available for $50 to $130 for your first year:

  • Standard Subscription: $49 for your first year ($199 per year after)
  • Premium Subscription: $79 for your first year ($199 per year after)
  • Deluxe Subscription: $129 for your first year ($199 per year after)

If you sign up today, then you will automatically be charged for a second subscription (at the full price of $199 per year) one year from today. If you do not want to pay for a second year, then contact the company within one year of your initial signup.

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Refund Policy

Stansberry Research offers a 30 day refund policy on all purchases. You have 30 days to request a refund on your subscription. You will receive all your money back.

What’s Included with your Subscription to Stansberry Investment Advisory?

get ron paul battle for america stansberry reseach investment advistory

Your subscription to Stansberry Investment Advisory includes all of the following:

12 Issues of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory: Stansberry Research sends a monthly newsletter highlighting the latest financial news, recommending specific stocks to buy and sell, and other actions to take to protect or grow your wealth. Each issue is sent to your email inbox on the first Friday of every month, around 6pm EST.

Report #1: The Silver Trade: This eBook claims to teach you a way to “make as much as 10,000% over a period of several years” with a single speculation trade on silver.

Report #2: The Ultimate Trump Trade: Trump hates one industry more than any other, and it’s his favorite industry to attack on Twitter. This book describes a hidden opportunity in this industry (it’s a media-related move).

Report #3: The Currency Trade: This eBook describes an asset that has soared hundreds of percent in times of turmoil, including how to “make a fortune” by buying this asset.

Report #4: The Tax-Free Way to Make 500% Gains in America Today: This eBook explains an investment that “could make you four to five times your money in the coming years, tax free”.

Report #5: The World’s Most Valuable Asset in a Time of Crisis: This eBook explains the most valuable asset in a time of crisis. The asset is up over 1,700% since 1993, and Stansberry Research recommends buying this asset to prepare for the next election.

Access to America 2020 Portfolio: Stansberry Research has created its America 2020 portfolio that features six companies “that we believe could hand you massive gains” no matter the outcome of the 2020 election.

Basic vs. Standard vs. Premium Subscriptions

Your bonus products vary based on your subscription tier. To get all of the bonus products listed above, you’ll need to subscribe to the Deluxe Subscription tier. Here’s how it breaks down:


Standard Subscription ($49)

• A digital copy of The Battle for America
• 12 copies of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory
• Five free reports mentioned above

Premium Subscription ($79)

• Everything included with Standard
• Five additional bonus reports
• The Socialism Survival Guide eBook from Buck Sexton

Deluxe Subscription ($129)

• Everything included with Basic
• Five additional bonus reports

The $79 premium subscription has more bonus products than the Deluxe Subscription, so there’s no incentive to buy the Deluxe Subscription.

About Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a Baltimore, Maryland financial analysis company. The company is best-known for its free and paid email newsletters. Across all newsletters (Stansberry Innovations Report), Stansberry Research provides actionable investment recommendations and research for individuals self-managing their portfolios.

  • You can contact Stansberry Research via the following:
  • Email:
  • Phone: (888) 261-2693

Final Word

Stansberry Research has launched a new marketing campaign for its Stansberry Investment Advisory newsletter. The marketing campaign is led by Dr. Ron Paul, who claims that elected officials and the media have conspired to overhype the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Why? They want America to elect a socialist president in 2020.

The marketing campaign encourages you to sign up for Stansberry Investment Advisory and get access to a book called The Battle for America, which explains how to protect your portfolio no matter the result of the 2020 election.

If you are concerned about America’s future and the prospect of a left-leaning president in 2020, then Stansberry Research has the guide for you.

Listen in on Ron Paul's Battle for America Book Presentation


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