Ray Blanco’s Fighting The Coronavirus: Technology Profits Confidential 3 Companies Report

Ray Blanco of Technology Profits Confidential is releasing a new report titled Fighting the Coronavirus: 3 Companies That Could Save Lives and Make You a Fortune during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Ray Blanco's Fighting The Coronavirus

The coronavirus has brought many questions about the financial world. Governments all over the world are working hard to make progress in combating the disease, and reports of a vaccine developed by an unnamed company have started to appear since January 23. If the work on this vaccine goes as planned, the company will earn huge profits. The crisis in which the world is in now has disrupted markets all over the world, seeing trade and commerce have been greatly impacted. As companies are trying to develop the perfect vaccine for the coronavirus, their stock prices are sure to rise, with Ray Blanco, the lead analyst at Technology Profits Confidential, wants to help people make smart investments in their stocks.

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Who Is Ray Blanco?

As said before, Ray Blanco is the lead analyst at Technology Profits Confidential. He already had great success with investments in the biggest biotech and tech companies last year, so now he wants to do the same, seeing there’s some progress in developing a coronavirus vaccine. With the Technology Profits Confidential advice, people get a glimpse of the trends in the biotech and tech markets, learning how to make the most profitable investments along the way. While opportunities appear every day, Ray Blanco wants to make sure Technology Profits Confidential users know how to find them and take advantage of them. Some of the companies he said are going to bring major profits are ChemoCentryx Inc., NovoCure and Anthera Pharmaceuticals.

What’s Included in the Technology Profits Confidential Package?

Those who subscribe to the Technology Profits Confidential program don’t get only a lot of helpful information through the newsletter, but also reports on what they need to do about the market at the moment. One of these reports is Fighting the Coronavirus: 3 Companies That Could Save Lives and Make You a Fast Fortune, which informs the investors about the previously mentioned companies and provides guidance on what should be bought now, when a vaccine for the coronavirus is under development.

The subscription also includes Instant Profit Alerts, which consist of receiving emails on how profits can be maximized when an investment opportunity is at its peak. Subscribers get updates for the model portfolio each week, access to the monthly Technology Profits Confidential conference call, access to the members’ website and Premium Concierge Service too. The FREE gift included is the Crystal Ball 2020: 7 Stocks for 10x Returns in 2020 guide.

How Much Does the Technology Profits Confidential Subscription Cost?

The Technology Profits Confidential yearly subscription usually costs $199, but the company decided to bring the price down to only $49 for a while, so that more consumers get the opportunity to make some serious profits during this time of crisis in which jobs are being lost and people need money more than ever. In case subscribers aren’t happy with the program in the first year and don’t make a profit, they can always ask for a full refund.

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