Paycheck Solution: Free Make Money Online Documentary Airs May 12

Paycheck Solution is a free online documentary broadcast that airs on May 12, 2020 and aims to help investors replace your paycheck in 90 days or less by revealing new ways to get paid after coronavirus (COVID-19).


Paycheck Solution is a new online training business course that is put together as a documentary film movie on how to get paid after coronavirus pandemic. As as follow up to the Crisis Investing docu-series, Paycheck Solution is hosted by an entrepreneur by the name of Jeff who shares his true story of working a “safe and secure” government job and how he had to pivot after the global crisis hit.

The spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus, put families across the world in an incredibly vulnerable spot. Suddenly without a job, many people took to unemployment offices and food banks, just to make sure that their family had a meal at the end of the day. Even individuals who were well off found themselves in empty grocery stores and in compromising positions in their financial portfolios.

Paycheck Solution has an incredibly self-explanatory name; the purpose is to solve this issue of lacking a regular paycheck. It proposes a method that consumers can use to regain what they’ve lost, feed their family, and take care of the lost paycheck. In order to do so, the creators have developed a broadcast that breaks their program into a documentary series.

The series helps consumers to navigate this unfamiliar terrain that they’re facing, exposing the ways to prepare for unforeseen financial danger with tips from experts. The advertisement online for this program puts it simply – “No matter what, paychecks keep coming in.”

Anyone that sees that current state of the world knows that normal is a thing of the past, and any job that they could get would likely be a bandage over a much bigger problem. This program is about solving the issue of a paycheck, rather than putting someone in a temporary job.

How to Watch the Paycheck Solution Docu-Series

The only thing that consumers have to do for access is register. There’s no cost to view the content right now, which is a major advantage for anyone that wants to get involved. Once registered, viewers will need to wait for the premiere on May 12th, 2020 at 7:00pm. Over the course of the nine days following the 12th, anyone who registered will be able to view nine episodes of financial and educational help.

For Additional Information

The only details that consumers will likely find online about this program is the opportunity to watch it for free. There’s nothing left for anyone to do but register to see what the hype is about, but any other questions that consumers may want to ask can be emailed to


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