2020 Buy-Sell Business Summit: Virtual Event for Buying or Selling Businesses

The 2020 Buy Sell Business Summit is one of the world's largest virtual events for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors for buying and selling businesses with proven strategies.


The market is filled with new businesses that launch every single month, which means that investors everywhere have an opportunity at the bottom floor. In a new event called the Buy-Sell Business Summit, investors have an exclusive chance to attend the “LARGEST Virtual Event for Buying or Selling Online Businesses With Confidence in Today’s Market.”

What is the 2020 Buy-Sell Business Summit?

Consumers will get a chance to learn more than they ever thought possible with this upcoming event. With seminars hosted by venture capitalists, owners, brokers, and more, consumers will learn how to purchase and sell businesses by eliminating the factors that can damage their progress. More specifically, they will gain knowledge on the strategies that have already proven to be effective for buying and selling businesses that are at hosted online.

Participants will learn:

  • How to sell an online business with major profit
  • How to buy a legitimate business that will continue to make money
  • Insider tips from brokers, lenders, attorneys, and other people who are familiar with buying and selling businesses
  • The lessons that these people have learned
  • How to correct issues that could pose a risk to their deals
  • How to have an edge during negotiations
  • How to determine accurate numbers from a selling company
  • How to establish smart and trustworthy partners
  • How to know the right price to sell a business

And much more…

These lessons will only be available at no cost for a limited time.

FAQ About the 2020 Buy-Sell Business Summit

Let’s break down some of the questions that investors may be asking themselves about the 2020 Buy-Sell Business Summit.

Who should attend?

The summit covers a broad span of people, allowing both buyers and sellers to benefit. Buyers like hopeful entrepreneurs, e-commers companies who want to eliminate the competition, suppliers, and manufacturers will be able to benefit, as well as sellers like e-commerce stores, marketing agencies, Shopify stores, and eBay sellers.

Who is hosting this event?

The host of the 2020 Buy-Sell Business Summit is Nate Lind, who has mastered the art of selling highly lucrative companies. In the last decade, he’s launched 23 supplement brands and sold nine of them for over $10 million. He will be sharing his method of selling for optimal success as he interviews his own “inner circle” to show the best way to make a smart deal.

Who will be speaking during the summit?

As it stands, there are 33 speakers who will be speaking at the summit. On the topic of buying businesses, attendees will hear from Garrett Gunderson, Judge Graham, Shakila Prasla, Brett Atkins, Shawn A. Hussain, Brian Diener, Brian Bogosian, Brian Tumpane, Chris Kern, Rochelle Friedman Walk, Joe McAleer, Dave Micek, Tim Burd, Steve Tan, Jordan Rolband, Stephen Speer, Michael Shvartsman, Roland Fraiser, Ken Kubec, and Angela Langlotz. Speakers on selling businesses include Jason Guerrettaz, Ron Matheson, Scott Deetz, Aaron Knirr, Nick Cuttonaro, Ezra Firestone, Chris Nowak, Rick Del Rio, Ian Sells, Marvin Baker, Darren Mize, Emanuel D. Torti, and Roberto Corretjer.

What is included in the free virtual ticket to the summit?

By claiming a free ticket (which can be done by registering online), individuals will have access to every interview and to the Facebook group. With the Facebook group, attendees can network with other people going to the event. The free access to the interviews only lasts for 24 hours after each one airs, but there’s an upgrade to a paid All-Access Pass available after registration for longer access.

What if the registrant wants to learn more?

Any other question can be directed to questions@buysellsummit.com.

When Is This Event?

Even after registration, consumers won’t be able to see this content just yet. The actual event will go live on May 28th, and it will continue to May 31st, 2020. Tickets are completely free, and it can be viewed from home.

Entrepreneurs that want to be involved in sponsorships can send an email to sponsorship@buysellsummit.com.


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