Palm Beach Trader High-Speed Trading System by Jason Bodner

Jason Bodner's Palm Beach Trader High-Speed Trading System is Casey Research's fastest way to find tomorrow's millionaire-making opportunities today.


The Palm Beach Trader system can help people get REALLY rich in the most boring way. It doesn’t involve playing with crypto, pot stocks or micro caps, as it’s based on plain vanilla stock plays, options not included. Besides, it’s conservative and safe, which means it allow its users to sleep easy at night. This means it’s not the right choice for those who like taking risks and gambling. What it involves is a proprietary stock selection that has been crafted by a former Wall Street trader.

Who’s the Creator of Palm Beach Trader?

Palm Beach Trader’s creator is Jason Bodner, a Wall Street veteran who was also called the billionaire’s broker at Cantor Fitzgerald, the famous investment bank. Here, he lined up the most massive trades that involved hundreds of thousands of shares owned by extremely rich people. Before leaving for South Florida, he worked the trading desks on Wall Street and in London. He was called the Manhattan Whale Hunter because he’s always after what billionaire whale traders buy. His proprietary system allows the stalking of billionaire whales, who do everything in their power to keep their trades secret. As a matter of fact, this is the method employed by the Palm Beach Trader system: knowing what the richest traders in the world are buying in real time.

Palm Beach Trader Results

The historical trial of Palm Beach Trader shows how Jason Badner made as much as 7,348% profits with just one play, from 1990 until now. And this is not his only play that generated a lot of money. Looking at his entire historical trial for the last 28 years, it can be noticed that:

  • The top 150 plays he’s holding since 1990 brought him an average gain of 2,418%
  • His long-term plays went up 7,348%, 7,037%, 5,048%, 4,538% and 6,175%
  • In 2018, when the year was the worst ever since the Great Depression, he had an average gain of 108%
  • 78% of his plays were winners

While he never went public to the Main Street investors, he does have many big money hedge funds clients who are more than satisfied with how he has helped them. Besides, his institutional clients’ combined asset base is more than $2 trillion. Most of the plays he advised on are long-term, which means they’re meant to hold for over 10 years, but it’s their combined profit potential that amazes. None of them involve using options.

They’re just simple stock plays that don’t have anything to do with penny stocks or with microcaps. In fact, some of them come from common blue chips and household name companies, which means they didn’t feature any risk and weren’t focused on the volatile market sectors in order to generate immense profits.

Billionaire Indicator

The Billionaire Indicator is the Palm Beach Trader stock selection system’s buy signal. It’s proprietary, just like the entire system, also based on personal discoveries Jason made while working for the Wall Street investment bank’s trading desk, so it can’t be duplicated. It goes the exact same way with the whole Palm Beach Trade system, in fact. What’s also interesting to know about this system is that until now, it could have been accessed only by big institutions that had a $2 trillion combined asset base.

How Are Billionaire Whales Hunted in Real Time?

Jason was called the Manhattan Whale Hunter because he stalks the most important whale investors and finds out in real time what they’re buying. And this is what the Palm Beach Trade system does: it hunts down the billionaire whales’ investments, which can help anyone, even people who don’t have experience trading, to generate incredible profits. To see Casey Research's Jason Bodner's Palm Beach Trader and their high-speed trading system, click here.


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