NASA Gold: Casey Research’s International Speculator Gold Stock Research Service

Casey Research's Dave Forest and the International Speculator most elite gold stock research service, NASA Gold, launches for investors on how to detect penny gold stocks that could soar over 1,000%.

NASA Gold: Casey Research's International Speculator Gold Stock Research Service

Though the market continues to struggle, Dave Forest states that there’s a NASA satellite method that can locate gold stocks, specifically stocks that could see nearly 1,400% in gains with the rise of gold’s value. Forest, who describes himself as the #1 gold stock speculator, states that this process offers the “fastest and easiest gains” that he’s ever witness. He credits the technology he uses – the Terra satellite – as the reason he can find penny stocks with the possibility of soaring in gains.

The Terra satellite was originally launched into orbit by NASA, and it presently obits 438 miles above the surface of the earth. While the patterns of the market may be concealed from the naked eye, the optics hardware helps to spot these patterns and opportunities repeatedly. In fact, Forest states that the use of satellite imaging has already made it possible to lead to quadruple-digit gains in many discoveries.

Forest states that’s he’s the only one to even use the method so far. However, with this new opportunity, consumers have the chance to use it too. While there’s no control by Forest over the Terra satellite, the “proprietary algorithm” makes it possible for the creator of this program to find gold stocks that promise big profits.

NASA has already been a pivotal point for many developments in the world, and one of the most notable has been memory foam. For astronauts, this soft foam helps to protect them during high speed flight. However, it has become a mainstream product to be used in mattresses, other furniture, shoes, and even football helmets. NASA is also responsible for creating “dampers,” which are hydraulic shock absorption rods that were meant for protecting the launchpad when shuttles leave the ground. However, they’ve been adapted for use by architects, who use dampers as a way to protect their structures from earthquakes.

Considering all that NASA has already brought to the public eye, it is almost unsurprising that Forest has been able to use the technology as a predictor for these stocks. He even gives three specific reasons that gold will soon see major highs – negative interest rates, high debt levels, and the bottoming out of the price cycle. Forest encourages the public to move quickly to act before the bull market is over, giving consumers the time they need to invest low and gain major highs.

Right now, Forest and partner Doug Casey want to bring consumers a trading report that they’ve titled NASA GOLD: 3 Penny Gold Stocks Set to Soar 1,000%. The report itself is free, and it reveals the best penny goal stocks to invest in right now. However, in order to get the report, consumers will need to sign up for a membership to International Speculator.

Accessing International Speculator

International Speculator is admittedly not for first-time investors. The $3,000 price tag gives consumers a year of investment advice, giving them a chance to make much more. The small price paid on the stocks with big future gains promises to be worth the investment. However, to ensure that consumers find this product more appealing, the current price has dropped down to $1,995. With over $1,000 shaved off the typical price, consumers can set aside those funds to use in their own investments.

Right now, by signing up today, consumers will get the following digital products with their $1,995 investment:

  • A new issue every month of International Speculator
  • Access to NASA Gold: 3 Penny Gold Stocks Set to Soar 1,000%
  • The Ultimate Buy List, which includes all of the penny stocks that consumers should by now
  • A digital copy of The Doug Casey Method to Investing in Gold stocks
  • Complete access to all three of the gold stock model portfolios

If the user finds that these options don’t make the money that they had hoped for, they have up to 90 days to get a credit. The credit can be used for any of the services offered by Casey Research, but it cannot be cashed back out for a refund.

For Additional Questions

The customer service team of Casey Research can be reached by calling 800-621-0699. Click here to watch the Dave Forest's NASA Gold presentation to see if International Speculator by Casey Research is right for you.


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