The Law of Unstoppable Profits: Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider Formula

The Law of Unstoppable Profits by Total Wealth Insider's Jeff Yastine of Banyan Hill Publishing issues a new urgent stock alert and a new UP = OCF-OE formula for investors to make real return on investments.


Every investor enters the stock market in the same way – hoping to make a profit. The New York Stock Exchange has been around since 1817, and that goal hasn’t changed. Many investors would take whatever opportunity that is offered to them to know what stocks would give them a triple-digit percentage on their return, though there are naysayers who claim that it simply can’t be done. However, Jeff Yastine doesn’t think that’s true at all.

What is the Law of Unstoppable Profits?

As the head of investment at Banyan Hill Publishing, Yastine has been researching, investing, and setting up meeting through the last two decades to find a way to prove his claim, which he says he discovered in a simple formula. Referred to as the Law of Unstoppable profits, the formula is:

Law of Unstoppable Profits

This formula means that the free cash flow of a company is equal to “operating cash flow minus operating expenditures.” Essentially, the free cash flow is what is leftover after it subtracts its own costs, which is how nearly every business works. However, the only problem is that there are companies who find loopholes (both legal and illegal) to appear more profitable. That’s why the Law of Unstoppable Profits is necessary, as it eliminates this problem and helps consumers to see the actual success of a company.

Yastine states that this is a formula that has been used on Wall Street for years, and it has the potential to bring in up to five times more profit for investors that apply it. He adds that the formula has been used by some of the biggest investors of the market today, including Warren Buffet, Bill Miller, and Peter Lynch. For individuals involved in Yastine‘s Total Wealth Insider newsletter, there’s been readers who have already seen a 59%, 100%, and 103% gains.

The Law of Unstoppable Profits has made it possible to create an average return each year that was 500% higher than the lowest ranked stocks on the market. Yastine states that he’s going to show consumers how to find the stocks that could make a 500% profit, as well as one specific stock that they should buy right now.

Yastine understands that there are a lot of research services and money-making indicators, formulas, and other systems on the market today. However, since they make many of the same promises, some investors may be hesitant to see what this formula can do. The big difference between the details in the Total Wealth Insider and the formula is that there’s been a lot of corruption in the market. Other stock recommendations are based on the financials of the company, but these techniques are no longer a valid indicator. The formula used by Yastine has never fluctuated.

To find out about this formula, consumers will need to sign up for a subscription to Total Wealth Insider. Yastine’s guide – Unlock a 300% Gain With the Law of Unstoppable Profits – is included with the subscription for free, even though it is valued at $199.

Additional Content with Total Wealth Insider

Even though the subscription and the bonus guide are both helpful for investors who are looking to achieve their best financial future, Yastine has added a few bonuses to ensure that everyone can make the amount of profit that they need and want. The other content includes:

An eight-page briefing on the latest stock that Yastine has recommended, which includes the maximum price that consumers should buy it at.

  • A daily e-letter with insights from Yastine’s team
  • Exclusive access to a private customer service team
  • A weekly webinar
  • Access to Yastine’s monthly portfolio
  • A monthly podcast with Yastine and colleague Brian Christopher on stock market positions
  • BONUS: A guide called How to Get Rich With This Little-Known Tech Stock
  • BONUS: A guide called The $5 Biotech Stock Revolutionizing Health Care
  • BONUS: A guide called Hypernet Fortunes: Make 10 Times Your Money from the Fastest Technology in History
  • BONUS: A newsletter called Automatic Fortunes

How to Get Rich with This Little-Known Tech Stock exposes a company that will soon be overpowering both broadband and 5G wireless through a whole continent with a nearly unlimited audience. The stock is only $10, and the guide will show how to take advantage in just ten minutes.

The $5 Biotech Stock Revolutionizing Health Care discusses a medical device that could help 32 million Americans, and it is already being sold via prescription.

Hypernet Fortunes: Make 10 Times Your Money from the Fastest Technology in History shows how this type of technology will be faster than 5G and already has thousands of patents for other technologies.

Automatic Fortunes, written by Yastine’s team member Ian King, exposures trends in tech before the public reads about it in the news. The bonus includes three monthly issues, which can be purchased separately for $97 a year after the initial membership trial.

Purchasing the Total Wealth Insider Subscription

law of unstoppable profits total wealth insider

The key to the stock market is timing, and consumers want to be able to get this information fast. To help with this need, Yastine has ensured that consumers can get a digital copy of the newsletter and all that it entails for $47.00.

Still, some consumers want to improve their chances of success by taking advantage of the bonus content as well. To get the bonus materials and the main guide in both digital and print, the Premium Subscription is marked down from $496 to $79 per year. Both of these subscriptions will automatically renew in one year.

If the user still isn’t seeing the desires profits that were promised to them within a year of their purchase, Yastine will give them a refund on the fee that they paid for a year.

To Learn More

The best way to learn more about this program is by subscribing, especially considering the money-back guarantee. However, anyone with questions can still reach out to the customer service team by calling 866-584-4096 on weekdays from 8:00am to 8:00pm.


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