Huobi, which is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, has launched a beta version of “Houbi Chat“, its new social media platform on September 26. As per the official website, the new platform is developed on the blockchain network using consensus mechanism and it is available in multiple versions such as Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Huobi Chat’s Features

As of now, Huobi’s chat is available for only 1,270 invited users. The platform provides some useful features for its users to stick to the app. Several features include chain-split groups, which helps to form subgroups including HCT or Huobi Chat Token, an incentive for users to support the platform and gain more users, in order to build a community.

To give competition to the existing social media platforms, it also integrates some standard features. Moreover, it will provide important features such as Instant Messaging, communities, sharing, barters, payment, market information, news, game, entertainment services, etc. This is not the first project, other crypto projects are also involved in social media, like Kin token, which tries to influence Kik’s millions of users to build value for its project.

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Huobi is focusing on a different approach which is to build credibility in the cryptocurrency community by developing a legitimate social media platform. It works on the “socializing in mining” business model, which provides incentives to all the users using Huobi Chat Token (HCT).

The firm believes that security and incentivization will provide success to the platform. Based on the truth that Huobi regularly trades hundreds of millions of dollars a day, hence it looks that the firm is expecting the cryptocurrency community views this as an opportunity to network and communicate securely.

Why users will use Huobi’ Chat?

Presently, Twitter is flooded with lots of scammers, and Telegram consists of security issue, hence Huobi Chat is the best alternative which crypto enthusiasts will be forced to try particularly if they provide the crypto-specific value as per the needs of the users.

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Without any doubt, Huobi expects to take benefit on the interest in cryptocurrencies by allowing the community a platform where they can communicate, network and share insights.



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