Future of Gaming with Blockchain

Future of Gaming with Blockchain

In Childhood, we have played a lot of video games. Many people still remember the glory days of playing video games sometimes. At that time, Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive, and handheld device were very much popular.

In the last few years, the Gaming industry has reached a new level. The enjoyment we obtain by playing the latest games can't be compared with the old games. Latest games contain lots of features, strategies, missions, levels, characters, etc. But now, the question is, what will the future of gaming?

Future of Gaming will also be dependent on Blockchain. A large number of companies will implement Blockchain technology in their games.

Gaming Version similar to Netflix

As per detailed shared by newzoo.com, there are a total of 2.2 billion active games on the planet, spread across different platforms, genres and technologies. All these games are created by Developers.

Presently, Gaming is also a surprising hobby of a large number of players which have an unlimited number of games to select, distributed across various consoles.

For instance, consider a distributed ledger system which is similar to Netflix.

By developing games on Blockchain, Games would have an effective platform on which they can select the games on the bases of their specifications and priorities. Also, Developers will receive a high credit by putting all the games on a single platform.

By developing this system, it will open gamers up to titles which wouldn't have either studied. The main reason is that the vast number of gaming purchases are determined by which company can provide the marketing as well as a promotional budget to obtain their name in magazine ads and on television.

In the case of Distributed ledger system, gamers will be able to downvote and upvote games on the basis of their experiences and would create amazing gameplay and also provide a wide range of options for gamers.

Backward Compatibility

Also, there might be a plant to make an algorithm which allows “backward compatibility” which games consider as uncertain.

This type of system would keep alive all the old games, this will in-turn allow developers of such games to earn more money.

For instance, the best example of the future of gaming can be the first blockchain based eSports multiplayer strategy game known as Gods Unchained.

Fuel Bros, who is mainly liable for the development of Etherbots game Gods Unchained is expected to create big things, as per Tyler Perkins, CMO of Fuel Bros.

Tyler Perkins said, “Etherbots taught us there was a huge demand for games to use distributed ledgers like Ethereum, regardless of the friction encountered by using such new and experimental technologies.”

The firm has developed the game on the basis of past experience to offer high-quality, competitive gaming experience to really exhibit the disruptive benefits of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology has disrupted a wide number of industries globally. As expected it will also disrupt the gaming industry.


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