Dollar Option Trader: Kyle Dennis’ Dollar Ace Stocks and Options Training eBook

Kyle Dennis releases new Dollar Option Trader eBook to reveal how to find $1 trading contracts that work for stocks and options as part of his Dollar Ace program

Dollar-Ace dollar option trader

Have you been considering investments for the longest time but don’t have a large amount of funds? Tired of paying for research services only to find stocks that exceed your budget? This is where it is most fit to introduce Dollar Ace. The following review will look closely at Dollar Ace in terms of its purpose, the creator behind it and its overall usefulness.

What is Dollar Ace?

Dollar Ace by Kyle Dennis is an instrument/scanning program that allegedly exposes information that Wall Street typically prefers to keep quiet. The types of information that are hidden from the general public entails $1 option contracts. With these $1 option contracts, investors on Wall Street are usually up to take big bets and is what the Dollar Option Trader eBook training guide is all about.

Who is Kyle Dennis?

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kyle Dennis is the one who developed this respective scanning program. Becoming a stock trader was not the direct route that Dennis took, in fact, he initially completed a degree in biology at UCLA and later entered real estate.

With the burden of debt over one shoulder, Dennis eventually turned to stock trading, which was recommended by a friend. Having signed up to a service called Jason Bond Picks, he learned all there is to know about stocks and continued to educate himself until he became a millionaire by the age of 28.

How to get started with Dollar Option Trader?

In order to get started, investors will need to sign up by filling out their name, email and phone number by clicking here. This is done so that one can get access to the free training that expounds on the Dollar Ace instrument poised to make a positive effect on one’s gains.

What will investors get out of Dollar Ace?

Besides learning about the scanner itself, investors will have access to a number of perks. Here are some to bear in mind:

Video alerts by Dennis: These alerts will be shared to members every time he places a trade. To ensure transparency is not an issue, he will also share his records of option purchases so that errors are minimized when placing an order.

Email and Text Alerts: Both text and email alerts are offered to ensure that Dollar Ace members are immediately notified. The text messages serve as an alert so that individuals can immediately check their emails for a detailed report.

Additional Information on options trading: Investors will have access to a number of educational tools and information that could enhance one’s knowledge on options trading.

Free eBook called: “Dollar Option Trader: Works for Stocks and Options” by Kyle Dennis

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Since this service is powered by RagingBull, one’s best bet would be to contact them at either or by calling 1 (833) 498-5428 or 1 (833) 265-1270.

Are the trainings recorded?

According to the claims made, some webinars are recorded, but not all. Hence, investors are encouraged to attend the scheduled sessions. Should they decide to record the webinars, investors will gain access to them via email within 2 to 3 business days after the event.

Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, Kyle Dennis’ experience comes from acquiring knowledge via research services rather than an educational institution. That said, he has proven that success comes from time put into learning, which reflects in the proclaimed millions he has since made from stocks and options trading.

That said, there still remains a lot of uncertainty regarding Dollar Ace. For instance, no information has been provided in relation to whether this training comes with an automatic enrollment to the Dollar Ace Service, and if so, what the actual cost is. This lack of transparency seems to contradict their claims, which might be of concern. However, these can be easily rectified by contacting customer service directly.

On that note, Dennis’s previous services have been voted by existing customers. While the number of votes is relatively low, it gives some sense of what one can anticipate from Dollar Ace. For other services, investments’ performance, his quality of writing, and the overall value for one’s money have all been rated fairly (i.e. 3.3 stars).


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