A tweet published on April 12 from the research arm of big cryptocurrency derivatives stage BitMEX quotes that Bitcoin SV (BSV) miners have amassed gross profits of $2.2 million.

The report published by BitMEX Research asserts that BSV miners perceived a negative gross profit margin of 12 percent because the coin was made at a hard fork that divides Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The quote relies on mined coin count, present coin costs and lower jump mining power expenses.

The tweet notes, one of the prices, the estimate accounts for mining power only.

In November, at the run-up to the BCH challenging disk, BitMEX research established a system monitoring tool for Bitcoin (BTC) and also Bitcoin Cash. The source, dubbed Forkmonitor, given the information that BitMEX called in yesterday’s tweet.

In March, BitMEX Research additionally launched that an Ethereum (ETH) node metrics site. The website, known as NodeStats, reveals data about five distinct ETH nodes and upgrades every five minutes. The site was established in partnership with BitMEX Ethereum data associate TokenAnalyst.

As per the reports, the creator and CEO of big cryptocurrency swap Binance, Changpeng Zhao, cautioned he will delist BSV if the inventor of the altcoin, Craig Wright, doesn’t change his behavior.

The response from Zhao is apparently motivated by the fact that Wright lately put a bounty within the individuality of a Twitter user which called him a fraud because of his promises to become Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s founder.

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