Bitfinex to release 5 Big Products next month

Bitfinex to release 5 Big Products next month
Bitfinex to release 5 Big Products next month

Lately, Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex, at the time of Ethfinex Governance Summit talked about the success of the firm and provided details about their developer-focused approach. He also provided details about the firm's latest launched products, which include Ethfinex and EOSFinex.

As per Ardoino, some of the firms failed to produce products due to regional wars which include either internal or external. He mentioned that the firm was unbiased as they didn't want the developers to be a part of a disputed environment.

The CTO said that the team is constantly working hard to add more value to the users' experience and develop the best platform as per the requirement of users. He further said that Bitfinex is engaged in offering more value to the users by developing different products. He also said that members of the team are “big believers.”

Talking about the company's infrastructure, Ardoino said that it gave them a chance to give back to the cryptocurrency industry along with growing their business.

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Ardoino also said about the unity of the team. Illustrating its statement by considering the hacking incident which occurred in 2016, he said that the team caught together and then worked towards solving the problem. Most importantly, the team wanted to present itself as more stronger than ever before.

As compared to other exchanges, he said they consist of a small team which is responsible for completing the whole work needed to develop the platform.

The chief also spoke about their first Product, the Biffinex exchange. He called it a “really cool project.” He mentioned that the team had spent a lot of time designing the UI and the back end of the system.

Ardoino also said, “We have 5 to 6 big projects that are coming in the next month, that will improve the experience will make it, let’s say, more open.”

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Ethfinex and EOSfinex

The CTO provided details about the latest decentralized exchange, Ethfinex. The developers have spent a huge amount of time to ensure that it works properly. Ethfinex enables users to access the central liquidity. It enables users to manage their funds efficiently.

Bitfinex also provides another product known as EOSfinex. It is a high-performance decentralized exchange build on EOS. This product differs from other products as it is completely built on-chain. The team is yet to decide whether to put EOSfinex to the main chain or not.



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