Bitcoin Rejoin: New Automated Crypto Trading Software Scheme Launches

Bitcoin Rejoin is the latest automated cryptocurrency trading software platform to launch that claims to help traders earn passive returns on their investment using auto-crypto bot system.


The many complaints and negative reviews on Bitcoin Rejoin do nothing else than support the idea that this software is in fact a scam. Many have tested Bitcoin Rejoin and concluded this after evaluating the different characteristics and what it can do.

All in all, there’s only the possibility that those who put their money in Bitcoin Rejoin are in fact investing in a scamming auto trading robot. Let's quickly review the Bitcoin Rejoin scheme to find out whether or not it is a legit automated cryptocurrency trading platform or another software system scam claiming great results with little proof or evidence to back it.

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A Minimum of $250 to Join

First of all, Bitcoin Rejoin asks for an initial deposit of at least $250, money that can be lost in only a few hours. Trading robots that are serious about helping people to make profits don’t ask for this much money to begin with, so it’s more than clear why Bitcoin Rejoin asks for such a large sum upfront, which may be why not very many people/traders make the decision to join because it looks rather suspicious.

Meanwhile Bitcoin Rejoin is more than willing to take $250 from the few traders that have chosen to sign up in order to make good money for themselves with a scam.

What Exactly Is Bitcoin Rejoin?

Bitcoin Rejoin is being advertised as an automatic trading robot. By using scam brokers and all sort of tricks to take people’s deposits and not return any profits, the algorithm that Bitcoin Rejoin uses is rigged.

For example, the software has the traders winning their very first few trades so that they feel confident and comfortable with the system, after which it has them losing all their money. The automatically placed trades aren’t in any way accurate.

Big Promises and Vague Disclaimers

Just like any other scam software out there, Bitcoin Rejoin promises to turn the initial $250 deposit into more than $1,500, in the first trading day. It claims that its earning potential depends on many factors like invested capital, the applied settings and the current market conditions, so in a way, it does mention in a vague manner that money could also be lost.

It’s alright to say there’s no guarantee in making profits with a trading software because this is very likely the truth for many who invest their money, but Bitcoin Rejoin does this in a very subtle manner for potential victims so they don't become discouraged when it comes to making that first $250 deposit. Furthermore, it promises tremendous earnings, which is one of the main reasons why people should have some doubts from the beginning. Usually and especially when it comes to money strategies or trading software systems, if things sound too good to be true, they surely aren’t legit.

And it’s only normal to feel skeptical, as there isn’t a broker who can promise a client such thing as making $1,500 from $250 in only 1 day, no matter how advanced an automated system for making profits may be.

How Is the Bitcoin Rejoin Scam Being Put into Practice?

As mentioned earlier, the algorithms employed by the Bitcoin Rejoin software are rigged. Everything is automatized, so there’s a pattern to how things are going to take place. Things happens in the same manner.

The very first few trades are won and generate a profit, so investors gain more trust in the software and are confident they’re going to gain more profits, then suddenly lose all their money. If they choose to not deposit more after being encouraged to do so by the earnings won in the beginning, the system starts harassing them to put in their money again.

No one knows who founded Bitcoin Rejoin or any heard details about the company behind this system. Programs that take people’s money and are completely anonymous have SCAM written all over it.

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