The Stock Market Truth Detector Summit by Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green

The Stock Market Truth Detector Summit by Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green is a follow up presentation of the wildly successful following the The Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time event.


The market has gone through quite a few major ups and downs since the pandemic became publicized to the masses. The Dow reached record lows, and the current economic estimates show that nationwide spending dropped by approximately 15% in April 2020 alone, despite the many stimulus checks that were sent out. Clearly, the stock market has suffered as well, but that doesn’t mean that consumers can’t benefit from it.

With the upcoming Stock Market Truth Detector Summit, people across the country can get financial advice from Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green. Green already has quite a background in finance, writing four books that became national bestsellers – An Embarrassment of Riches, The Secret of Shelter Island, The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio, and Beyond Wealth. Though he retired at age 43 after over a decade and a half of Wall Street, he’s been leading an investment newsletter called the Oxford Communique and he’s been featured on major networks to share his perspective on the market.

One of the shows he’s been featured in has been The O’Reilly Factor, leading to his collaboration with the host for the Stock Market Truth Detector Summit. Green will be speaking on the way to unravel the hidden gems of Wall Street, as he reveals the lies that far too many people believe now. However, the big appeal to many attendees will likely be Green’s predictions of the stocks that are set to rise exponentially, helping them to see where they should invest their money next.

O’Reilly explains in a promotional video that Green will be featuring tons of helpful information, including a tip that he calls “the smartest investment strategy of all time.” He plans to investigate Green’s claim, challenging the methods in a way that Green will have to defend them. Considering that this event is a collaboration between the two major financial experts, it is likely that all of the claims will be “proven” to be true with this testimony.

Getting On Board with the Stock Market Truth Detector Summit

Scheduled currently for June 17th, 2020 at 1:00pm EST, this summit is free to attend by anyone who wants to learn about the secrets that O’Reilly and Green advertise, though registration is required. To register, the website needs both the user’s first name and phone number to hold their spot, and they will need to consent to automated texts from the Oxford Club LLC and Smartest Investment Strategy of All Time.

After the attendee registers, they will have access to a bonus video that is valued at $129, which they can access through the nearly instant text they get. The video shows consumers a speech that Green gave at the 21st Annual Investment U Conference. Beyond that, readers will get updates on the upcoming event until it is live on June 17th, and they will also receive bonuses until then that only VIP members (i.e. registered members) can get.

The Bottom Line

The opportunity offered by The Stock Market Truth Detector Summit could make a major difference for consumers in just a few weeks. With very little money out of the pockets of the viewers, the guidance of Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green could offer details that will make the difference between a lucrative investment and a foolish one, but not until June 17th.

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