Bitbns requests Zebpay customers to migrate to their platform with zero fees

Bitbns requests Zebpay customers to migrate to their platform with zero fees
Bitbns requests Zebpay customers to migrate to their platform with zero fees

Yesterday, Zebpay, which is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India declared that they are closing down their exchange platform. This has caused a lot of trouble for the whole Indian cryptocurrency community. The main reason behind this is the issues caused by regulatory bodies and financial institutions in the country.

Just after the announcement of Zebpay, Bitbns was ready to rescue all the users of Zebpay with zero fees. Bitbns is also one of the most popular crypto exchange in the country. The exchange is requesting users to migrate to its platform. Also, the exchange reported that this day can be considered as one of the most painful days for the whole crypto industry in India.

Bitbns said in a blog post,
“We at Bitbns, understand the plight of hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency holders and traders in this unfortunate hour, and that is why we are here to help Zebpay users migrate their funds to Bitbns.”

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The exchange has also provided a special offer for all the users who want to migrate from Zebpay to their platform. Bitbns stated that all the fees collected from crypto withdrawals on Zebpay will be waived off by Bitbns on selected tokens. Bitbns will provide withdrawal fee based on one condition that users have to keep the migrated coins on their exchange for minimum one week or they have to involve in the trading activities on Bitbns to obtain the withdrawal fund.

Bitbns further mentioned that zero fees is applicable on all the coins which it supports. In order to claim the withdrawal fee reward, users have to post the screenshot of the transaction and mention the Transaction ID (also known as Hash ID) in the post description along with this compulsory hashtag #MigratetoBitbns.

To get step by step details to migrate to Bitbns, click here.

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Bitbns is one of the first crypto exchange which has released peer to peer (P2P) service including crypto trading even after the ban came into effect on July 5, 2018. The exchange currently provides 61 digital assets with a daily trading capitalization of $2 million as per Coinmarketcap.



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