Banyan Hill’s Most Important Tech Stock of 2020 Research Report

The Banyan Hill Publishing company and Ian King of Automatic Fortunes share the details on The Most Important Tech Stock of 2020 due to a company working behind the scenes of the technology revolution and could provide historic returns.


Finding the right investments in a time when the economy is struggling can become one of a constant search, but there’s a company that has already been positioned to make a major difference in the market. Many analysts have already put their support behind the stock, and the company already holds over 200 patents. There are some experts that have even called it “the new oil,” and they expect the company to jump by 18,767%.

What is The Most Important Tech Stock of 2020?

These projections suggest that the stock is going to impact everything that consumers do now, from their shopping to driving to even their work life. It is set to make a bigger impact than the combined changes that artificial intelligence, 5G, blockchain, the Internet of Things, and autonomous vehicles have made. Ian King refers to this new tech as the “master technology,” and he believes that it will transform the world in a way that other developments have not.

With King’s research, he plans to describe to consumers the way that this technology could disrupt the world. However, he’s offering much more, as he reveals a “secret diagram” that will help consumers learn to take note of these technological innovations before they actually occur. To get access to these exclusive details, consumers will need to sign up for King’s newsletter –

King has been involved in the tech world for quite some time, stating that he saw the potential of smartphones, Amazon, and medical devices were about to take off before stocks soared. Now, with his tech findings, he hopes to bring major funds to investors to help them get ahead of the boom of the “Big Data revolution.” While there is no guarantee that this investment will skyrocket in the way that King predicts, it is possible that this will be a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

There are three phases to the indicator that King uses to show if there is going to be a tech stock to look out for, showing that a stock will soon be soaring. The first phase – “innovation” – is a phase that many stocks don’t emerge from, as they aren’t accepted by a broader audience. If they are accepted, the company enters the second phase – “velocity” – that occurs when technology is used by a greater span of people. In the final phase, which is “saturation,” the technology has basically reached everyone. As King details this process, he states that the start of the velocity phase is when consumers should start investing.

To learn about the special research that King has done on this stock, consumers will have access to a guide called The Company Leading the 18,767% Big Data Money Boom for free. However, the only way to access it is to purchase a subscription to Automatic Fortunes.

Additional Content

Along with the aforementioned free guide and the membership, consumers will have access to additional free content. This content includes:

  • Fintech Fortunes: The Company Set to Triple Your Money
  • The $5 Stock Leading the 5G Revolution
  • The Driverless Car Race Is Here: Grab Over 100% Gains Now

Fintech Fortunes: The Company Set to Triple Your Money discusses the way that paper money is slowly being phased out, naming a specific company that is heading up this effort.

The $5 Stock Leading the 5G Revolution: explains how 5G will become a $12 trillion market, and it will break down the company that is taking over this technology. The report will specifically name the ticker symbol and target buy price for the stock to help make this investment easier.

The Driverless Car Race Is Here: Grab Over 100% Gains Now shows consumers helpful information about autonomous cars and the way that they have progressed in the world. By checking out this guide, consumers can invest in this technology as well.

Consumers will also get access to another newsletter called Total Wealth Insider for three months at no cost.

Purchasing a Subscription to Automatic Fortunes

The only way to get access to all of the free content and the research service is by subscribing to an Automatic Fortunes membership, which starts at $47. Consumers can choose one of the more expensive packages for access to physical content and other guides.

With all of the different membership options, consumers will receive a monthly report that shows the companies that are currently leading investment trends. They will also get weekly updates with recommendations, access to King’s model portfolio, urgent trade alerts, and access to a members-only website.

If the user isn’t satisfied with this membership, they have the entire first year of membership to request a refund on their order.

For Other Questions

Even with the details available on the website, consumers may find themselves with other questions before they are ready to make a purchase. The customer service team can be reached by calling 866-584-4096.


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