American Superpower Paydays: Energy Investor’s Collect Payment Checks Guide

The Energy Investor American Superpower Checks from Angel Nexus is a free guide about American's collecting consistent paydays and payments of $1,818 or more up to 24 times per year.


Energy Investor is a subscription to a newsletter that features multiple reports on maximizing paychecks and profits during the trying time of the economy. The subscription is available through the Angel Nexus website, offering two packages for subscribers to invest in.

What is Energy Investor?

As the pandemic continues to hit the economy hard, many people are concerned about where their next paycheck is coming from. The market is dropping steadily, and the investments that consumers previously had are losing value. With a subscription to Energy Investor, it could be possible to minimize the damage.

Every single month of this subscription, Energy Investor reveals major money-making opportunities that the energy market has. The creator details simple and easy-to-understand directions to guide subscribers on how to make a profit as well. With a trial membership, consumers will have access to several guides and reports that will help to improve their investment opportunities.

Additional Reports

Part of the reason that the Energy Investor subscription is so valuable is because it includes a special report and several bonus reports to improve the user’s knowledge. The special report – American Superpower Paydays: Collect Consistent Payments of $1,818 or More – is the star of the advertisement. It aims to teach consumers how to potential cash 24 American Superpower Check annually, which is made possible by the $270 billion in windfall spending by the federal government.

In this guide, consumers will learn to sign up for six different agencies that can bring them the paychecks that they want to have, while answering questions about the payout schedule and how to calculate the payout. The special report is valued at $99, but consumers don’t have to pay anything for it with an Energy Investor subscription.

The first bonus report – Make Millions from the “Martin County Monster”: The $8 Company Unlocking an Ocean of American Oil – is listed on the website, though it doesn’t offer a description right now. The second bonus report – The Easiest, Most Profitable Way to Invest in the Ultimate Commodity – discusses the growth of the population and demand for food, along with the way to use these needs to gain a profit.

Consumers that sign up for the two-year prepaid subscription will receive two additional bonus reports. With The Billionaire’s Battle: How to Invest in the Next Phase of the Lithium Revolution, consumers will learn about the use of lithium in electronic devices and machinery, using them to make a profit. In Clean Energy: Harnessing Hydrogen for 1,587% Profits, subscribers will learn to do the same thing with clean energy. Both of the guides are valued at $49 each, but two-year subscribers pay nothing.

Though the website lists a report called Top 3 “Hidden” Energy Plays Fueling the Marijuana Boom, the website doesn’t indicate that subscribers will receive this guide as part of their bonus materials on the ordering page.

Still, the only way to get all of this content is to start subscribing to Energy Investor today.

Purchasing Energy Investor

The only way to subscribe to Energy Investor and get all of the special/bonus reports is by visiting the Angel Nexus website. Consumers have their choice of the two-year ($179) or the 1-year automatic billing ($99) subscription. Signing up for the two-year prepaid subscription will give the subscriber two additional bonus reports that are not available to consumers outside of this opportunity.

For More Information

If consumers want to learn more details about their subscription, the additional materials, or their membership, they can get ahold of the customer service team. The team can be reached by sending an email to or calling 877-303-4529.


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