Some of the Microsoft account holders who are using bitcoin as a mode of payment have raised certain concerns regarding the acceptance of Bitcoin since last few months. Presently, Microsoft still permits users to Top up their Microsoft account by depositing bitcoin. But recently, some of the users have faced issues in the last few days.

Later, one person also contacted Microsoft customer support team, where the user got a reply like this, “the bitcoin redeem option should have been removed from the Microsoft account service some time ago.”

Microsoft and its Position on Bitcoin

Previously Crypto Community was really surprised when Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. But, the true reason the company didn’t see any of the issues raised by account holders regarding removal of bitcoin payment option is a direct sign that payment option is not really the main priority to the firm since they didn’t observe any long-term benefits in it.

The initial sign of Microsoft about the negative position on Bitcoin was just a month ago when they shifted the BTC payment option from website to users account screen. Thus, if any user wants to top up the account, then he/she utilize user account screen in order to make Bitcoin deposits. Despite there were no significant changes about how top-ups were made earlier, but this was the main signal for all the users who are using Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

One of the customers who has attempted to pay using BTC on Microsoft website has faced a series problem.

The issued face by the customer is like this: Customer wants to make certain purchases of services from Microsoft. So the user tried to deposit account. Meanwhile, the amount has been left from wallet but still not credited to user’s Microsoft account.

From this point, it is still unclear, when user will get crypto back.

The user contacted customer support to solve the problem and he came to know that Microsoft is not accepting Bitcoin payments from the last 6 months.

Lack of Appropriate Support

Apparently, the customer support is not providing any proper guidance regarding the matter. One Microsoft representative claimed that Bitcoin payments have been closed since last six months and current payment option might be a bug. Another issue might be that the Microsoft’s customer support team is not having proper training regarding issues of Bitcoin. Another main thing to consider here is that Microsoft has not been settled or denied for anything. This could be either an error in the payment system or it is the beginning of Microsoft not accepting bitcoin again.

Has Microsoft removed Bitcoin?

The firm has not granted any details on whether the bitcoin transactions will be reserved or refunded to the owner. There are indications by some of the parties that best solution to the issue might be that Microsoft may accept Bitcoin payments of a certain limit.


The crypto community is very much excited about Microsoft decision on the matter. As this decision will highly affect the crypto community. Earlier crypto community was surprised when Microsoft declared they are accepting bitcoin payments. However, till the time Microsoft doesn’t announce any of the clarification about the Bitcoin payment, the crypto community firmly believes that Microsoft has stopped accepting Bitcoin.


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