7 Day Stock Market Glitch: James Altucher’s AlphaBrain Trading Software

A look at the 7 Day Stock Market Glitch from James Altucher where the best-selling author reveals his new trading software system, AlphaBrain, and new weekly trade alert recommendations for investors.

7 Day Stock Market Glitch Review

7 Day Stock Market Glitch is a new marketing campaign for James Altucher’s AlphaBrain.

At the 7 Day Stock Market Glitch sales page, readers will learn about a “major Wall Street error” that you can use to generate enormous profit.

7 Day Stock Market Glitch

Sometimes, Wall Street algorithms make a mistake. By taking advantage of the mistake, you can purportedly “walk away with profits like $4,250… $6,735…even $10,675… in about 7 days!”.  The video for the 7 Day Stock Market Glitch starts off with George Gilder, who is also advocating for his big data blockchain truth to come true in his Internet Reboot.

7 Day Stock Market Glitch is a marketing campaign for AlphaBrain, a $2,000 per year email subscription and software service from Choose Yourself Media's James Altucher.

Is 7 Day Stock Market Glitch legit? Is there really a Wall Street glitch you can use to reap five-figure profits in just a few days? Let’s take a closer look.

What is 7 Day Stock Market Glitch?

7 Day Stock Market Glitch is an investing strategy designed to take advantage of a “glitch” in the markets.


A lot of today’s trading is done by robotraders – not humans. Robotraders use algorithms to make trades. These algorithms sometimes mess up, causing turmoil in markets.

As proof, the sales page mentions several shares that suddenly tanked for no reason. These shares plummeted despite no major news releases or other issues. The price drop was later linked to trading algorithms. As the page explains:

“An SEC investigation later concluded the whole thing was caused by an “automated execution algorithm”… and it self-corrected in 20 minutes.”

The price drops occurred on a regular trading day for the company. There were no news releases, no earning reports, and no announcements – yet automated trading algorithms sent prices plummeting.

In most cases, company shares returned to normal levels within a week. That’s where the “seven days” of the 7 Day Stock Market Glitch comes from. The market realizes it made a mistake, and it corrects this mistake within a few days.

How Does the 7 Day Stock Market Glitch Trading System Work?

James Altucher has created a proprietary system called AlphaBrain that identifies glitches like the one mentioned above.


Altucher’s system detects when a stock price has dropped for no notable reason, and alerts investors to buy that stock. Within seven days, you should be able to reap huge rewards as the glitch gets corrected.

Altucher has backtested his seven-day glitch identification system and seen it generate $1,166,372 “no matter what the market is doing”, giving a total payout of 17,027%.

Altucher also claims there’s nothing else like it on the market

“Right now, it makes me the only person in the world able to spot the seven-day stock market glitch that can lead to huge cash windfalls.”

The sales page for 7 Day Stock Market Glitch features testimonials from people generating thousands of dollars per week by following the proprietary system, including ordinary people making huge profit at home.


By signing up for AlphaBrain today, you can get access to this proprietary system and start generating profit.

How to Use AlphaBrain to Spot a Seven-Day Glitch

Using AlphaBrain to spot a seven-day glitch is easy. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1) Let AlphaBrain scan the markets
  • Step 2) Invest wherever AlphaBrain spots a seven-day glitch
  • Step 3) Sell stocks several days later for a large payout

By signing up for AlphaBrain, you’ll also receive investing advice emails from Altucher himself. Altucher uses his program to scan the markets each morning. Then, he emails his list with his recommended opportunities. You’ll receive an email with specific instructions on how to profit, including the exact setup and trade to make to maximize returns within seven days.

What is AlphaBrain?

AlphaBrain is a subscription service offered by James Altucher. Subscribers gain access to videos, online reports, tutorials, trading systems, and more.

James Altucher calls Alpha Brain his “Mona Lisa” or “9th Symphony”, claiming it’s the culmination of his life’s work and that he’s “going to guard this software with my life”.

Key features of AlphaBrain include a seven part video series, weekly emails, the seven day glitch notification system, and multiple digital reports.

By signing up for AlphaBrain, Altucher claims you can “potentially bank $19,411 in a week – and do it again and again”. Investors are told to expect huge profits by following the trading system.

What’s Included with AlphaBrain?

By signing up for AlphaBrain today, you get access to all of the following:

7 Day Stock Market Glitch Review

Weekly Trade Recommendations: Investors are told they can profit $19,411 in a week repeatedly by following the weekly trade recommendations.

AlphaBrainSMS: You receive an automatic text message every time AlphaBrain triggers a buy or sell.

Digital Report: Glitch Detected! How To Make $4,946 From Your First AlphaBrain Trade: Explains the seven day glitch and how to take advantage.

Flash Profit Trades Email Newsletter: Altucher will send you a Flash Profit Trades email every quarter when the system detects an algorithmic flash crash.

AlphaBrain App: The AlphaBrain app has not yet been released, but AlphaBrain subscribers will be the first to access the app when complete.

Digital Report: The AlphaBrain Quickstart Manual: This guide walks you through setting up and using AlphaBrain for the first time.

The Commission Killer Blueprint: This document is a page of tips to help boost your returns by eliminating “middlemen” and avoiding costly brokers.

AlphaBrain Confidential Five-Part Video Series: AlphaBrain Confidential is a five-part video series that helps you quickly launch the AlphaBrain trading system and take advantage of glitches.

Urgent Glitch Detection Alerts: AlphaBrain will send you immediate buy alerts when a significant trading glitch is detected.

Urgent Anytime Profit-Taking Alerts: AlphaBrain will also send a follow-up alert when it’s time to sell stocks and take gains.

Regular Model Portfolio Updates: AlphaBrain will send you a recap of major trades made within the AlphaBrain trading portfolio, including an update on any profits and losses.

AlphaBrain Pricing

You get access to all of the information above with a new subscription to Altucher’s Weekly AlphaBrain Alert. It’s a high-priced subscription that makes big promises about its results.

Here’s how pricing works:

One Year of Altucher’s Weekly AlphaBrain Alert: $1,995

Depending on your state, the website may also add sales tax to your order. The sales page does not display the price you paid until after you submit your credit card information.

It’s unclear if AlphaBrain will automatically renew your subscription after one year, or if you must manually renew your subscription.

Discount Tip: If you try to leave the AlphaBrain sales page, you’ll see a pop-up offering a “three month trial” for $650. This trial subscription is not advertised anywhere else.

AlphaBrain Refund Policy

AlphaBrain has no refund policy whatsoever.

Once you have paid your $1,995 subscription fee, you cannot get your money back.

Who is James Altucher?

James Altucher is an American hedge fund manager, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Altucher is best-known in recent years for his crypto analysis. Despite calling bitcoin “a fad, or a scam, or a ponzi scheme, or worse” in 2013 (and later deleting the tweet), Altucher is now one of bitcoin’s biggest evangelists.

Who is James Altucher

Altucher has a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. He was born on January 22, 1968 in New York City.

Altucher describes AlphaBrain as the culmination of his life’s work to date. Today, he also hosts a podcast called The James Altucher Show, which has featured guests like Marc Cuban, Arianna Huffington, and Tim Ferriss, among others.

Final Word

The 7 Day Stock Market Glitch is a trading strategy used by a program called AlphaBrain. Developed by investor James Altucher, AlphaBrain is a subscription service that helps users reap huge profits.

By signing up for AlphaBrain today, you get access to trading signals that alert you to a “seven-day glitch” occurring in the market. If a stock suddenly drops for no apparent reason, Altucher’s algorithm will send an alert. You buy the stock, then sell it within seven days as the stock price auto-corrects.

To learn more about AlphaBrain and the seven-day glitch investing system, sign up online today.


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