24-Hour Blitz Tracker Summit: WealthPress Weekly ‘Shadow Blitz’ Trades

The 24-Hour Blitz Tracker Summit hosted by Lance Ippolito of WealthPress is a new strategy to share the Weekly Blitz Summit presentation where investors can utilize Shadow Blitzing to make 24-hour market windfalls.


Monday, April 20 at 7:45 PM, people who want to take advantage of the Wall Street market being bombarded by 24-Houe Spikes as a result of breaking the national policy should be present for the 24-Hour Blitz Tracker Summit, which is still FREE to join. For those interested in seeing the Weekly Blitz Summit presentation by Lance Ippolito, “The Blitz Tracker”, can signup at the Blitz Tracker Summit website to see why he thinks any ‘average joe' can proift from 24-hour market windfalls due to a ‘Shadow Blitz' alert approach.

Any person who doesn’t have anything to do with trading will be able to determine which are the Shadow Blitz Trades for up to 843%, just by attending the event. The biggest change in policy for the last 70 years has happened and it can bring those who know how to invest wisely incredible profits.

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Why There’s a Need for the 24-Hour Blitz Tracker Summit?

The ugly truth out there is that there’s one policy-making 24-hour windfalls frequent and very profitable. This is the exact same policy that’s being kept hidden from regular people, so the 24-Hour Blitz Tracker Summit comes to change all this by revealing it to everyone who attends the summit. 70% of the public companies are most likely spreading around bad financial data for most investors to lose their money. In the meantime, Harvard and Colombia researchers have reported the phenomenon could be used for cashing in abnormally large reports.

Not Settling for 5-7% Returns Anymore

A mysterious trading signal like the one discussed in the 24-Hour Blitz Tracker Summit can keep trades safe, even when the markets are down or perhaps trading sideways. High and low market volatility periods can be taken advantage of. As soon as tapping into the 24-hour paydays, traditional investing and settling for 5-7% returns can be forever forgotten. What’s also great about the chart pattern explained at the event is that it doesn’t work only sometimes, but all the time.

Tapping the National Policy’s Power

Tapping the national policy’s power of guaranteeing a stock is about to explode leads to making huge profits by also tapping into overnight windfalls over and over again. Windfalls offer the chance to increase money 4x times in only a few hours, also 5x and even 10x times in some rare cases. The 24-Hour Blitz Tracker Summit can show investors how this is possible, presenting the strings that are bringing the market up and taking it down.

Investing Like Never Seen Before

The approach presented at the 24-Hour Blitz Tracker Summit will challenge investing as people know it. It’s based on actual trades that prove what a powerful strategy it is. As said before, registration to the event is still free, but not for too long.

Learn More About the 24-Hour Blitz Tracker Summit


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