The Dines Letter: Outsider Club’s Nick Hodge Gold Investment Newsletter

The Dines Letter by Nick Hodge of The Outsider Club is based on investing legend Mr. James Dines who is advocating why the precious metals leader, gold, is set to see all-time highs in the near future.


Gold is widely accepted as a way to diversify one’s investment portfolio. Some of the arguments made in regard to this include its stability and maintained value over the long run. With COVID-19 continuously hitting the stock market and bringing down its value, editor and investor, James Dines, deems this is the best time to invest in gold. Why is that? It turns out that gold and the stock market are inversely related, hence, the value of gold is expected to rise.

Interested in the investment opportunity at hand? This is where it is most fit to introduce The Dines Letter.

What is The Dines Letter?

The Dines Letter is a financial newsletter that informs investors on what’s taking place in stocks, bonds, gold, silver, rare earths, and uranium markets among others. In addition to James Dines’ trade recommendations, investors will learn the reasons why recommendations were chosen, when the best times to buy are, how to prevent others’ opinions from influencing one’s investment choices and understanding one’s respective relationship with money.

What is there to know about James Dines?

James Dines is currently the editor and investor behind The Dines Letter. His forecasts in the 1960s and later was what led many to appreciate his knowledge. As per the claims made, Dines’ interests sparked in this field when he worked towards his doctorate at the National Honor Scholar at the University of Chicago. Before this, he spent much of career in Military Intelligence.

Eventually, he worked as a junior analyst at Wall Street’s Auerbach, Pollak & Richardson and within a span of 2.5 years, he became the senior security analyst at AM Kidder & Co. The Dines Letter has been around for some time now (i.e. since the 1990s or 2000s), which for the most part has purportedly been bringing gains to investors.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of The Dines Letter?

By becoming a member of The Dines Letter, investors will be presented with Dines’ list of buy-rated gold and silver stocks with precise instructions on when to buy and sell and what the appropriate hold period will be. In addition to this, investors will gain access to:

Free Report: 10 Gold Stocks That Could Make You Rich

Dines will share his and his team’s 10 gold and silver stocks that are expected to bring gains. He’s also given hints as to what the three stocks in the list are.

For instance, the first gold stock is deemed popular because of the firm’s CEO, who has since won a prestigious mining award in 2018. The second firm on the list is deemed the 13th-largest gold producer with an attractive buyout target and the third firm is said to have been successful in running mines and finding new gold discoveries. This report is expected to include Bill Gate’s favorite silver as well.

Other reports that are part of the membership cost include:

  • Your Personal Fort Knox: How to Buy and Safely Store Your Precious Metals
  • Wealth Without Risk: Growing Rich Without the Stock Market
  • 10,000% Gains on America’s Biggest Gold Mine
  • Here is a list of bonus reports that members will receive include:
  • How to Bulletproof Your Portfolio
  • 63 Investment Truths or Dinesisms on How You’ll Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • How Visual Analysis Can Help You Spot Trends and Predict Stock Movements
  • How to Ensure You’re Never Stuck Holding a Stock Flameout
  • Why the Holy Investment Tripod is Your Key to Reliable Profits
  • All Gambler’s Secret Desire to Lose
  • Goldbug, a book written by James Dines himself

How much does a membership to The Dines Letter cost?

A membership to The Dines Letter costs $295 per year, which reflects 10 issues and all of the aforementioned reports and bonuses. In addition to The Dine’s Letter, investors will also have access to a free 90-day trial to investor and editor, Nick Hodge’s Wall Street’s Underground Profits newsletter, free subscription to the daily e-Letter Outsider Club and access to a special offer letter called Outsider Club’s VIP Reserve.

Underground Profits is a monthly investment advisory letter, where Hodge will keep investors posted on the market’s financial stance, and a list of experts’ picks and research in mining, income and energy sectors to name a few. Should one feel that Hodge’s approaches align with their respective investment goals, the membership cost for his newsletter is $99 per year.

That said, the code for this limited time offer is TDL-215-134.

How do I get started?

To get started, investors need to fill out a form here. If security is of any concern, another option is to email or call customer service at and (855) 877-8623 correspondingly.

Final Thoughts

Of all the financial newsletters circulating today, The Dine’s Letter is deemed the oldest and respected. With Dines’ expertise in all sorts of investment opportunities, he evidently prioritizes that of the gold and silver markets among other precious minerals to say the least.

In terms of affordability, the price is reasonable given that most services range from $49 to well over $3,000 per year. With $295 a year, investors will not only receive recommendations, but will also learn how they were chosen along the way, which is surely a plus. Bearing this in mind, many of Dines’ existing and/or former members have found his newsletter quite successful in the late 90s, as he was capable of finding new trends.

As shared on Stock Gumshoe, many expressed content in his ability to indicate the right buy-ins; however, he supposedly wasn’t as successful in informing when exit would be most appropriate. That said, Dines’ has allegedly advised investors to do their respective researches as well in deciding when to sell.

Lastly, others found his ego a little distracting and that he rarely gave credit to others. For some investors, it was apparently getting in the way of appreciating the Dines Letter, but again, this may vary from individual to individual.

To learn more about The Dines Letter, click here.


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