Accenture, which is a leading professional consulting company might use Blockchain to simplify and automate shipping logistics.

On the basis of the document which is released by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office yesterday, the intended system would conclude certain types of qualities of objects that are shipped and store the information on a blockchain. The intended system will help to track the objects which are shipped from one location to another. The system can do this by utilizing the data on the blockchain to validate the status and condition of the object.

The machines which are connected to the network such as robots or unmanned aerial vehicles can verify the integrity of objects because they are shipped to various locations, cross-checking their status with the data that’s already stored on the ledger. The information can easily be tracked using driverless or autonomous vehicles.

Here, if an examining device validates the identity of objects properly by cross-checking its details with the data stored on the blockchain, it will permit the item to continue its trip.

But if the data from the existing and previous stages doesn’t match, the device might instruct the system to return the product and stop the payment.

The system may schedule alerts and messages for managers which are involved in the shipping process or governing agencies which manage the product. The system might pay a call on manager meeting if required or request for an investigator check when the product is interfered or altered.

The new document shows the interest of Accenture in developing Blockchain based applications.

Earlier, Microsoft and Accenture released a framework of an identity-storage blockchain and is presently working with the World Economic Forum and United Nations on building projects regarding the digital identity.


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