Swing Trader Summit: Nicholas Vardy’s Stock Market Trading Event is May 20

The Swing Trader Summit is a live online event with former Hedge Fund manager Nicholas Vardy of The Oxford Club and host Jonathan Roth on May 20, 2020 to help teach traders how to trade up or down swings in the stock market.


Are you a day trader with interest in stocks, commodities and currencies? Want to take a different stance in the world of trading? If the answer is yes, swing trading might be an area of interest.

As the name suggests, this type of trading requires one to identify swings in stocks. This could take anywhere between days and even weeks to work out. What makes swing trading a little more flexible is that investors now don’t have to sit there tracking every detail down to the hour or even in minutes.

Want in on how to get started? This is where Nicholas Vardy’s online, Swing Trader Summit can come of use.

What is the Swing Trader Summit?

According to the claims made, the Swing Trader Summit is a webinar where former hedge fund manager, Nicholas Vardy will cover trades that are expected to make up to 100% within a week or less. He is supposedly going out of his way to disclose such information, which he supposedly learned on Wall Street through “the worst crashes in history.” He affirms that this strategy is “perfect”.

What is there to discover through the Swing Trader Summit?

Through the Swing Trader Summit, investors will discover how swing trading works regardless of market trends (i.e. bull or bear). In addition, Vardy claims he will provide evidence as to how as little as $500 can be turned into $7,000 in a matter of a week. Most of all, one will come to learn of the disadvantages of “regular stock charts” versus the pros associated with his preferred charts.

Who are Nicholas Vardy and Jonathan Roth?

Nicholas Vardy

Having started his career in 1991, Vardy has since served as an Associate Attorney at Baker & Mackenzie and White & Case and worked on foreign direct investments in Eastern Europe. Three years later he joined Creditanstalt Securities and helped build and strengthen the bank’s asset management division.

He’s also served as a Vice President of the Harvard Club of Hungary and has been active member of the London financial community. Who can forget his contributions to a number of news outlets including Times, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, Yahoo!, etc.!

Vardy isn’t only known as a former hedge fund manager as he’s come a long way since. To be more specific, he currently serves as an ETF (exchange-traded funds) strategist for The Oxford Club, which is a financial publisher. In addition, he is the editor of the Oxford Wealth Accelerator and contributes to LibertyThroughWealth.com.

Jonathan Roth

The Swing Trader Summit will be hosted by none other than Jonathan Roth. As per the claims made, Roth has successfully interviewed well over 100 big names including the Rev. Franklin Graham, primatologist Jane Goodall, author Salman Rushdie, former Mossad Director Efraim Halevy and His Royal Highness Prince Edward among many others. His knowledge on versatile industries and topics makes him a suitable pick for host.

When will the Swing Trader Summit take place?

The Swing Trader Summit has been scheduled to take place Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 1 p.m. ET.

How do I get started?

To reserve a spot to the Swing Trader Summit, investors are encouraged to fill out a form, which simply asks for one’s name and email address. In doing so, one will also receive updates from the Swing Trader Summit and offers that Vardy’s team thinks could be of interest. There is also a box to check so that VIP text reminders regarding this event can be received.

Final Thoughts

The Swing Trader Summit is an online, one-day event where Vardy will reveal trades that can bring investors up to 100% in returns in up to a week. His approach entails relying heavily on swing trading, which he affirms is profitable. What makes this event worth considering is that it is free, carries valuable insight into swing trading and allows one to assess Vardy’s perspectives on investments. With just nine days left, investors are encouraged to find out more regarding the summit by clicking here.


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