Startup will allow you to use Blockchain for Verified Bets in Anonymous Exchange

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A group of engineers is developing a 100% peer-to-peer prediction exchange which allows putting the power in the hands of customers instead of bookies.

Their main aim is to allow users to securely place their bets, in which their money is protected and secured with the help of smart contracts regardless of Brazil win's the world cup, or who is the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ninja is an exchange which is identical to New York Stock exchange or coin exchange. Unlike trading on Google, Microsoft shares or Ethereum, the exchange permits to trade on the results of various events in sports, politics, science, stock markets, climate, etc.

The main reason to develop blockchain authorized anonymous prediction exchange is to resolve the broken betting industry as per the details by founders Roc, Bakunawa, Hakawai, and Grootslang, who are basically a team of people around the world.

Founders said, “We are a huge fan of CryptIDs, hence we got our nicknames. We would prefer to remain anonymous.”

They further said that we are presently at the bookie's mercy, forced to pay high fees, use their absurd margins, also limited to what we bet on and providing all the highly valuable data. Also, there are scams in which millions of dollars are lost each year.

People are forming fake betting slips, scamming people out of their hard-earned cash and leaving it. Then all people have a friend who refuses to pay out.

Founders thought of building a system in which users can make their own odds, play against their peers, receive guaranteed pay-outs, never fall under scams and stop providing personal data.

Join Anonymous Peer-to-Peer Prediction Exchange on Ethereum

Ninja is a nameless peer-to-peer prediction exchange (PEX) where parties can instantly bet against each other without referring to any central authority or bookie. The exchange operates on the top of Ethereum Blockchain utilizing blockchain for valid bets.

You can make your own prediction markets. You, as a market creator, can fix market fee, reporter of the result and publishing deadline. Here, each market is a small portion of the on-chain smart contract. It consists of owner book, makers, and takers.

Founders said, “We really value privacy and we wanted to develop a platform where people could come and not have to worry about login details, remembering a password, downloading an app, giving their first born and handing over their data, just to have all that juicy information sold to the highest bidder. All of our users have 100% ninja anonymity.”

Hence, it is very simple to use Ninja, because, there are no-downloads, no signups and you just have to log in using your secured private key and firm claims not to hold any of your personal data.

PEX straightly challenges the dark gambling industry with an open, transparent prediction market exchange.

In other words, Ninja is canceling out the middlemen, and then put it on the blockchain.

We hope that the PEX will highly change the today's insights of betting, which is illustrated as gambling. Also where users have to rely on the centralized parties which are searching for unethical, harmful ways of gaining profit.


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