Oxford Income Letter: Ultimate COVID-19 Market Recovery Blueprint

Marc Lichtenfeld's Oxford Income Letter is praised as The Ultimate COVID-19 Market Recovery Blueprint that helps investors make money through the coronavirus pandemic by cashing in on dividends.


The Oxford Income Letter by Marc Lichtenfeld is the latest research from The Oxford Club and is billed as the “The Ultimate COVID-19 Market Recovery Blueprint”. The newly created financial investment newsletter service is all about helping investors identify the number one biotech stock leading the race in the coronavirus cure marathon.

The spread of COVID-19 has been detrimental to the economy, and not just for the people who are getting sick. Investors had no way to prepare for the damage that came their way, and there are many people who are still working to recover from the drop in their financial portfolios. The bull market that had finally hit a massage streak had the ground taken from underneath it, abruptly pushing everyone into a bear market that no one wanted or was prepared to be in.

The Dow plummeted in a historic moment, and businesses of all sizes suffered. Millions of Americans ended up filing for unemployment, threatening to exhaust funding in many states. While there may be a lot of people who believe that there’s no way out of this mess until the pandemic ends, there’s actually a few major opportunities that come out of a market collapse like this.

Mac Lichtenfeld, the Chief Income Strategist for The Oxford Club, has created a program that he is calling the Ultimate COVID-19 Market Recovery Blueprint. He’s unveiling some major information that will let consumers invest in a top biotech company that is working to cure the pandemic, while also exposing a secret to making a 500% profit from the worst biotech stock to reach the market.

The information that consumers will get in these materials are “urgent,” as Lichtenfeld states. The market collapse won’t last forever, and the opportunity to cash in will be gone as soon as the market recovers. While the main product found in this program is the Oxford Income Letter ,the creator developed multiple guides that consumers can use to amplify their own profits during these tumultuous times.

Get The Ultimate COVID-19 Market Recovery Blueprint Here

Additional Content With the Oxford Income Letter

Even though the subscription is the product that consumers are paying to get, the guides inside will help consumers pave the way to profits. The guides include:

  • The Ultimate COVID-19 Market Recovery Blueprint
  • Get Rich with Dividends
  • Retire 600% Richer With a ‘Section-703’ Plan
  • How to Live a First-Class Life for Pennies on the Dollar

The Ultimate COVID-19 Market Recovery Blueprint describes information that consumers need right now, like the top stock to buy in the biotech industry, the worst stock to avoid, and the top three dividend yields that users need to get right now. The top biotech stock that Lichtenfeld will shed light on is working to treat the coronavirus, which could be incredibly lucrative. The FDA has even openly expressed excitement by giving the company the “orphan drug” status, which is rare. The reason that it is rarely given is because the designation makes it possible for the company to be the only one that profits from its creation for seven years.

Get Rich with Dividends is a guide that Lichtenfeld wrote before the Ultimate COVID-19 Market Recovery Blueprint, and it already has helped readers secure millions of dollars for retirement. However, the methods in this guide will help consumers to make a profit in any climate, making it especially helpful during a pandemic.

Retire 600% Richer With a ‘Section-703’ Plan and How to Live a First-Class Life for Pennies on the Dollar present an opportunity to find out some secrets for the stock market. More specifically, those types include methods of trading stocks without commission and how to secure an “Ivy League education” for next to nothing.

Subscribing to the Oxford Income Letter

As stated above, the only way to get all of the above materials for free is to subscribe to the Oxford Income Letter. The Oxford Income Letter was developed about seven years ago, helping to promote better income levels for a comfortable retirement. To gain all of its benefits, plus the bonus content, the total cost is $79, but only for a limited time for the premium subscription.

The premium subscription includes all of the bonus content, a digital and physical copy of the Oxford Income Letter, and two bonus reports:

  • Extreme Dividends: How to Achieve 100% Income Yields on Your Savings
  • 101 Ways to Protect and Grow Your Retirement Savings

Consumers that only want the Oxford Income Letter and the main bonus content as digital content can pay $49 per year.

For the first year after purchase, consumers are able to try out the Oxford Income Letter risk-free. If they don’t get the benefits they were promised, a refund is theirs to claim.

For More Information

The Oxford Income Letter and its bonus content are a comprehensive source of support, tips, and tricks in a time where every investor wants to preserve what they have. If customers (potential or current) have any questions, they can reach out to the team at 800-305-3950 or 443-343-4210.

Get The Ultimate COVID-19 Market Recovery Blueprint Here


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