Option Profit Accelerator: Jeff Bishop’s Trade Like a Pro System

Jeff Bishop's Option Profit Accelerator system teaches investors and traders how to double or triple your account in as little as a week using unique, proven strategies by an options genius.


Finding the right investments is the key to having long-term profit through the years. However, the market has changed so much, and there are other movements in play that can make a difference in the way that money can be made. There are many opportunities to learn more nowadays, and the new guide Option Profit Accelerator by Jeff Bishop can help.

This 51-page e-book includes many secrets about the trading world, including a tip on how the user can double their account in less than a week. The creator has already developed a system to create these major gains and includes lessons on how to do the same. In fact, the advertisement even gives a few key pages that consumers may want to check out right when they get it, like:

  • Locking in profits and allowing them to grow (page 13)
  • How changes in the price of stocks can create major success (page 26)
  • The “inside secret” that the author uses to tap in to major profits (page 37)

The guide is free to sign up for, allowing consumers to get the product delivered straight to their email address. The content is only free for a limited time, making it the However, to truly capitalize on these trading opportunities, signing up for Bulls Eye Option Trading is in their best interest.

Check Out Jeff Bishop's Trading System

Signing Up with Bulls Eye Option Trading

Bulls Eye Options Trading shows consumers how they can double their money in a single trade, which they do on a weekly basis. Bishop is the leader of this program, which shows the details of the trade before the market starts every Monday morning.

Right now, signing up with Bulls Eye Option Trading is not priced the same, costing $49 to gain access. The price only has to be paid one time to continually see the benefits of his recommendations each week.

By purchasing access, the user also is given the Trader’s Black Book, also written by Bishop, with no additional cost. The book includes information on the way that Bishop determines the right contracts, along with how he makes the maximum amount of profits. It also shows how to properly trade options, teaching consumers with methods that have been tested through the last 20 years.

The tasks sked of consumers are minimal, taking up only five minutes of their time each week. If consumers have five minutes, then they have just enough time to start making major profits with Bishop’s tips.

Contacting Customer Service

Since the website and the online advertisements don’t provide a ton of information on these products, consumers may want to reach out to the customer service team. The team can be reached by calling 1-833-785-0452.

For electronic inquiries, fill out the form at https://bullseyeoptiontrading.com/contact/.

Additional Notes

The disclaimer on the website explicitly states that none of the people who represent Bulls Eye Trading are registered with the SEC or state securities authorities as investment advisors or brokers/dealers. Consumers seeking personal financial help should contact a local registered advisor.


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