Daily Deposits by Ben Sturgill: Free Trading Masterclass to Make Investing Simpler

Ben Sturgill's Daily Deposits is a free trading masterclass aimed at helping investors make simpler trades where he is focused on 1 time, 1 ticker and 1 trade happening on March 3, 2020 at 8PM EST.


Created by Ben Sturgill, Daily Deposits is the simplest trading program available. Anyone can understand it, even beginners who have nothing to do with trades or don’t know the terminology for it. It teaches a strategy for predictability, which is something everyone is looking for these days in trading. A revolutionary system, Daily Deposits is easy to get started.

With this program, traders can say goodbye to:

  • Fighting with losing positions not only for days, but for weeks and months
  • Trying to figure out which trade they need to make
  • Losing their money when the market is down
  • Trying hard to manage their multiple positions
  • Spending all their time watching the market and trading
  • The most complicated strategies for trading

Ben Sturgill has built Daily Deposits with one thing in mind: helping people make profitable trades day after day.

Who Is Ben Sturgill?

A professional basketball player, successful entrepreneur, collegiate and having a master’s degree in teaching, Ben Sturgill has an over 15-years’ experience as a successful trader. He knows what it takes to succeed in business, also how much hard work and dedication are needed in order to cash in big profits. He leads 2 services at Raging Bull: IPO Payday and Daily Profit Machine. The first teaches subscribers how to successfully trade IPOs, whereas the second is all about making profits by trading the SPY.

The WealthWise Raging Bull weekly podcast is also hosted by him. Here, he talks about how to achieve success in trading and business. Since he knows all the ins and outs of trading, his Daily Deposits is sure to offer every little detail on how to make HUGE profits from it without having to be an expert or to despair each time the market goes down.

When is the Daily Deposits Live Presentation?

On March 3, at 8:00PM EST, Ben Sturgill is going to present Daily Deposits LIVE to anyone who’s interested in learning the best trading strategies from a market expert. The Live session will include details on:

  • The system that can change the game by allowing money to be made in less time
  • The 3 scenarios most likely to bring profits: Up, Down and Sideways Market
  • Scalability for any account size
  • How to limit the risk by trading 1 ticker ever day, at the same time

With Daily Deposits, there’s no need to have a degree in Finance because trading comes naturally and can be executed in only 5 minutes every day.


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