Hidden Signals Review: Tai Lopez’s Stock Picking Newsletter Service

The Tai Lopez Hidden Signals stock market picking newsletter advisory service is designed to help investors find the best stocks during volatile, uncertain times for traders to buy low and sell high.

Hidden Signals

Tai Lopez, one of the most successfully known entrepreneurs, investors and authors on the internet, and is now rolling out his newest program, Hidden Signals.

Let's review Tai Lopez's Hidden Signals stock picking newsletter program to see what it is all about and what the internationally-recognized social media juggernaut has in store for those investors looking to take advice from an advisor of over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

Picking the Winning Stocks During A Tough Economy?

Tai Lopez recently took to his Twitter following of over 1.2 million people to ask what he should name his stock picking newsletter service:

After asking whether his followers like The Street Publishing (which one the poll as you can see), South Beach Publishing, The City Publishing or Valley Publishing as the name, Tai then proceeded to ask his audience four days later which of a new set choices:

As you can see, Hidden Signals was the final popular choice for Tai Lopez's stock market newsletter advisory.

What is Tai Lopez's Hidden Signals?


Learning how to trade and what to trade can be a complicated process, even for the most seasoned of investors. There is no shortage of investment opportunities and even courses online to help make the right movements, but Tai Lopez decided to bring something much more intricate to the market. According to a recent advertisement through Hidden Signals, Lopez has decided to showcase certain investments that consumers should make in the market. His new program, Picking Winning Stocks During Volatile Times, aims to show these details.

The entire video that advertises the newsletter is about two hours long, as the format is styled in that of a webinar. He discusses opportunities with a test group, which consumers can sign up for with TaiLopez.com/stocks, as the program is designed specifically for all skill levels. While there is a lot of information about styles of trading and the patterns of other investors featured in this video, the main recommendations will only be detailed to individuals that purchase the newsletter.

This is hardly the first time that Lopez has brought such helpful information to the market. He has already launched other programs, including an entire course on how to invest in the market. This program is substantially more direct, as Lopez specifically tells consumers each month about his picks for investments. It is up to the participant if they want to invest, but Lopez has taken plenty of time researching to come to his recommendations.

Tai Lopez's Stock Picking Newsletter

The market pressure right now as the pandemic spreads, is reaching nearly every corner of the economy. Many investors are concerned about their own investments tanking, making it more important than ever to make smart moves. The launch of the Tai Lopez Stock Picking Newsletter offers some advice that could help consumers pick the right investments in their time of need now.

The key of the success with this program is that it is used for the purpose of choosing stocks that can be successful in a volatile market. Even with the suffering of the economy, Tai Lopez states that there are still opportunities to invest in to make some money. The stocks he recommends are still low in their price, but consumers could be seeing some major profits from their investments. By building wealth in these desperate times, investing in the stock market becomes a much less frightening endeavor.

Lopez is an online entrepreneur, and it is likely that consumers recognize him from one of his other programs, like The 5-Minute Mentor and The Cashflow System 2.0, just to name a few. He has been a part of the founding or co-founding of over 20 different businesses that have managed to reach millions of dollars in profit, and he has gained many followers on social media in the process. He’s even worked as a Certified Financial Planner during his time in the financial industry.

Subscribing to Tai Lopez’s Stock Picking Newsletter

The only way to get all of the information that Lopez offers in this newsletter is to subscribe to it. For $197, consumers will get four recommendations for stocks and one recommendation for cryptocurrency. The subscription covers a 12-month membership, and it will renew at the end of the year.

If the user finds that this newsletter doesn’t help them to improve their finances, they have up to 60 days to get a refund and give up access to the program.

Purchasing a Subscription to Tai Lopez’s Newsletter

The only way for consumers to get the cryptocurrency and stock recommendations is by signing up for a subscription, which costs either $49 per month or $197 per year. Consumers will save much more money by purchasing the whole years’ worth of monthly newsletters in advance, but the monthly option is good for consumers that may want to see what kind of recommendations that they are in for first.

  • With the purchase, consumers will have access to:
  • The monthly newsletter that recommends four stocks and one cryptocurrency to invest in
  • Tips for trading stocks, including the best brokers and apps to use
  • Lessons on choosing unique angles for trading
  • Lessons on choosing winning stocks while prices are low
  • If the user finds that these materials don’t help them in the way that they want, they have up to 30 days to give up access and get a refund.

For Additional Information

Though the website advertising this new program has a lot of information, investors may want to learn more before they make a purchase. The customer service team can be reached with a phone call (1-800-604-2587) or an email (help@hiddensignals.com).

Once investors sign up for Tai Lopez Hidden Signals stock picking newsletter, the worldwide entrepreneur will gift all users his top 4 stock market recommendations as well as 1 cryptocurrency. Who knows whether Hidden Signals by Tai Lopez will be the investment of the decade or not, but given how successful and forward-facing the “here in my garage” entrepreneur is, it may not be a bad idea to get acquainted with how he has built his empire, both online and offline, through a variety of business verticals, niches and channels, and is now going mainstream with a stock market advisory letter to give his followers a chance to follow his lead.

To view the free online seminar, watch:


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