Dark Edge Project by D.R. Barton, Jr: Interactive Membership for Traders?

The Dark Edge Project by D.R. Barton, Jr., a technical trading specialist with Money Map Press, is all about helping investors take back their wealth and not let the coronavirus win by getting on the inside of secret stock market deals in real-time.


The economy is presently in a predicament that it hasn’t faced before, especially with the technological advancements that have happened through the last few decades. The world is trying to survive and health together, and the government is even struggling to get ahead of the spreading pandemic. It is common to feel like there’s no sense of control in the world right now, and finances are a major part of that.

What is Dark Edge Project?

While there are many ways that consumers have to sacrifice certain freedom at the moment, financial freedom has not become a thing of the past at this point. D.R. Barton, Jr., the creator of the Dark Edge Project, states that consumers may not be getting the clear view that they should of the stock market. Luckily, that might not be a problem for much longer.

Barton has been using the algorithm he developed for the Dark Edge Project for about seven months with a small group of people, allowing them to have an advantage over the competition for a while. However, he has decided to bring this opportunity to the public by offering memberships to this program, which can only be accessed with unique username and password.

Members of the program will be able to have access to incredibly low prices for the stocks they invest in, and the creator states that this type of sale is entirely legal. It offers information that will help users make money in any situation in the market. Plus, they will have access to the Dark Edge Trading Room on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for live video sessions with the creator to see exactly how the Dark Edge Algorithm can work. During this session, the members will be able to see what stocks are being sold on the market, along with the number of shares being sold. Basically, users will have a new recommendation at each of these meetings every week.

On Thursdays, Barton will again meet with members in a live meeting, but for a Q&A session. He’ll answer any questions that members have, while detailing the open trades and developments in the market. They’ll also be filling out a Weekly Progress Report that will make them eligible for a fifth live trading session during the week.

To ensure that consumers get as good of a deal as possible, the creator has developed a few additional guides and bonuses that come at no extra cost.

Exclusive Bonus Content

By enrolling in a membership for the Dark Edge Project, new customers will first have access to the Declassified training series. There are multiple videos involved in this series, like:

  • The origins of the Dark Pools exchanges, and why almost half of the stock market’s activity is found on them
  • The types of options that that consumers will be trading with the Dark Edge Project, along with the way that they work and how they offer leverage
  • A deep-dive into the Dark Edge Algorithm, including where these formulas come from and why they work
  • Users will also get access to other helpful content, including Windfall Reminders and Action Alerts.

Buying a Membership to the Dark Edge Project

Typically, consumers have to pay a hefty price to become a member of the program, since it usually costs $5,000. However, the creator has decided to cut down the price by 61%, making the annual cost $1,950 when users sign up today. As the user participates, they will get points for every way that the interact with the program, which members can use to redeem prizes.

Rather than making a guarantee or promise on how much users can make, the creator states that he has a “1,359% Guarantee.” This “guarantee” states that the user will have all of their membership dues returned if they do not gain 1,359% from the investment advice.

For Additional Details

The customer service team can clear up any questions that consumers have about the program. The team can be reached by calling 855-509-6600.


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