Daily Double Club: Alan Knuckman’s New Breakfast Club Profit Opportunities

The Daily Double Club by Alan Knuckman of St. Paul Research presents The New Breakfast Club where traders can get one-minute-a-day profit opportunities to invest in based on his financial market research.


Daily Double Club is a subscription-based trading service that aims to double your money every trading day.

Every day at 9:29am, editor Alan Knuckman sends an email to Daily Double Club subscribers recommending specific trades.


Knuckman claims that Daily Double Club members “will get a chance to at least double their money…And in rare cases, theoretically score up to 47 times their money or more – every single day”.

Can the Daily Double Club really 2x to 47x your investment every single day? How does the Daily Double Club work? Is the Daily Double Club worth the price? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the Daily Double Club.

What is the Daily Double Club?

The Daily Double Club is a membership-based subscription service priced at $2,000 for a two-year membership.

As a member of the Daily Double Club, you receive 100 text messages each month. At 9:29am every trading day, members receive a text from editor Alan Knuckman. You click a link embedded in that text, then discover Knuckman’s daily trade recommendations and analysis. The link takes you to the Daily Double Club website. Subscribers also receive an email with the same link.

Every Wednesday, Knuckman sends an email to members recapping market activity, advising on current open positions, and issuing any sell guidance, if necessary.

Knuckman makes bold statements about the profitability of his program. He illustrates that traders who follow his investment advice can expect to double their money or gain returns “up to 47 times” your initial investment every day – all without leaving your smartphone. Knuckman claims that his strategy has been back-tested for gains of 3,750%.

Knuckman later updates that promise, claiming his goal is to give investment recommendations that lead to a “double-your-money payoff in approximately 30 days”. That’s a very different return from doubling your money every day, but it still means you’ll be very rich after one or two years of following Knuckman’s advice.

How does the Daily Double Club work? What kinds of stocks will Knuckman recommend buying? Will you really double your money every 30 days with the Daily Double Club? Let’s take a closer look at how the system works.

How Does the Daily Double Club Double Your Investment?

There are few investments that can double your returns every 30 days. So how does the Daily Double Club claim to do it? What’s the secret?

Every morning, Knuckman sends a text and email recommending specific trades for that day. If you follow his recommendations, you can earn returns of “up to 47 times your money”, or “at least doubling your money in a month”.

Here’s how Knuckman explains his moneymaking system:

“You get your morning text, you read my recommendation, and you make your daily trade (if you want)…Then you cash out approximately one month later for HUGE potential profits — and that’s it!”

Knuckman claims you can do this “over and over again”, generating huge returns “every single day the markets are open”. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection (or a computer).

Knuckman claims that his recent trading recommendations have led to impressive returns like “594% in 29 days”, “528% in 29 days”, and “267% in 14 days”, among “hundreds more big double- and triple-digit wins”.

There’s no secret to Knuckman’s system. All you have to do is sign up to the Daily Double Club, wait to receive the texts and emails every morning, then make Knuckman’s recommended trades via the broker of your choice. If you can do that, then you can expect to make 2x to 47x returns on your initial investment.

Daily Double Club Pricing

Daily Double Club is priced at $1,999 for a two-year membership.

You receive a $300 Visa prepaid gift card in exchange for signing up. New members also receive two PDF reports, including Zoom Trading for Beginners and Low-cost Online Trading.

At $2,000 per year, the Daily Double Club is one of the priciest financial email newsletter subscriptions available today.

Daily Double Club Refund Policy

Daily Double Club offers no refunds on any purchases.

What’s Included with the Daily Double Club?

The Daily Double Club includes two eBooks, two bonus subscriptions, and a prepaid Visa card with your new membership:

Zoom Trading for Beginners: This eBook explains how to multiply your wining stock trades by 5x, 10x, or 20x via options trading. Essentially, by using leveraged options trading, you can expect to earn returns of 20x your initial investment.

Guide to Free and Low-Cost Online Trading: This eBook explains how to choose the perfect broker or trading platform, including how to save substantial money in transaction fees when making trades.

In The Money with Alan Knuckman: In The Money with Alan Knuckman is an email subscription featuring Alan Knuckman and his colleague Greg Guenthner. The pair analyze markets and recommend trades, sending the email 3 times per week. This newsletter is free for anyone (not just members of the Daily Double Club).

5 Minute Forecast: 5 Minute Forecast is a daily email highlighting major events around the world. This newsletter is also free for anyone (not just members of the Daily Double Club).

$300 Prepaid Visa Gift Card: All new members of the Daily Double Club will receive a $300 prepaid Visa gift card.

Who’s Behind the Daily Double Club?

The Daily Double Club is published by St. Paul Research, LLC, a Baltimore-based financial research firm.

St. Paul Research publishes a variety of free newsletters, paid publications, and financial books online. Free newsletters include The Daily Edge and In The Money. Paid newsletters include the Rapid Riches Report, The Profit Wire, Family Wealth Circle, and the Daily Double Club, among others.

Knuckman is one of seven editors on the St. Paul’s Research team. Knuckman describes himself as “one of the most well-known and trusted market traders in the world”.

St. Paul Research advocates high-risk investment opportunities that could offer the highest returns. The company’s investment analysis claims to consistently beat the market, helping you “Earn big returns in short amounts of time”, according to the official About Us page.

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Phone: 1-844-370-6635
  • Email: feedback@stpaulresearch.com
  • Mailing Address: 808 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD, 21202, USA

Is The Daily Double Club a Scam?

The Daily Double Club is a high-priced newsletter that makes impossible claims about its earning potential. It also has no refund policy, which is extremely unusual for a $2,000 digital product.

The Daily Double Club also seems to specifically target older, less computer-savvy individuals with its marketing.

All of these things may seem like Alan Knuckman's Daily Double Club is shady – although it does not technically seem to be a scam. Traders genuinely receive trading recommendations in their email inbox or phone every morning. You can follow these recommendations to gain or lose money. The real proof in the pudding is to look at how prestigous St. Paul Research company is and the track record that Mr. Knuckman has within the financial investment research market.

While there is no guarantee or evidence that the Daily Double Club can consistently double your money every day – or every 30 days – everyone knows having a mentor who is tried and true can be a big advantage in the world of behind the scenes insights and timeliness.

There are some skeptics online who made comments like this: To put that absurd claim into perspective, let’s say you have $50 to invest today and want to maximize earnings over your two year subscription to the Daily Double Club. You follow Knuckman’s advice and buy his recommended stocks every trading day.

If your money doubles every 30 days, then you would have amassed a fortune of $204,800 by the end of the year. By March of the second year of your subscription, you would have $1.6 million. By the end of the second year, you would have $840 million. That’s the type of claim that the Daily Double Club seems to suggest people can earn.

Obviously, this is a blown out of proportion analysis and meant to say do not buy into all of the hype upfront and have unrealistic expectations of what this can do for your investment portfolio.

Keep in mind that Knuckman claims you will “at least” double your money with his system, and that you could earn returns “up to 47 times” your initial investment. Obviously, returns like that are just not realistic every single time but there are a few individual picks and stocks that can create abnormal returns over an extended period of time.

Final Word

Daily Double Club is a higher-end exclusive email newsletter that unveils enormous results about its returns. The creator of the Daily Double Club claims that you can “at least” double your money every 30 days by following his investment advice. That is powerful to hear.

Every trading day at 9:29am, Daily Double Club subscribers receive a text and email explaining specific trades to make for the day. If you make those trades, newsletter editor Alan Knuckman claims you will double your money in 30 days. Knuckman even claims some members have earned returns as high as 47 times their initial investment.

Ultimately, while some may be skeptical of the Daily Double Club given the price point, others will see a rare opportunity to learn from a successful investor and acclaimed company. The company makes bold potential earning claims and there is no refund despite it being a $2,000 digital purchase. Just keep in mind there’s not even a 30 or 60 day trial period and if you don’t like the Daily Double Club, or if you don’t double your money every 30 days as promised, then you have no recourse so be sure of yourself before making the leap into St. Paul Research's Alan Knuckman Daily Double Club.


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