Cooked Up in Amsterdam: Adventurepreneurs Kelly Fix, Mike Long and Greg Morrison’s Fusion Protocol

Adventurepreneurs' Kelly Fix, Mike Long and Greg Morrison have put together a new presentation called Cooked Up in Amsterdam to promote the Fusion Protocol as the ultimate webinar for making money online in 2020.


The Ultimate Webinar for Making Money Online in 2020 is Here

Kelly Felix is proud to present Mike Long and Greg Morrison in a live webinar that will take place on April 9, 2 pm ET. Those who subscribe to the event will learn how to make tremendous income online, regardless if they know a thing or two about internet marketing or they’re just complete beginners. Registration to the webinar brings as BONUS instant access to the New York City in-person workshop hosted by Ryan Deiss.

Access to the Amsterdam Mastermind

Kelly Felix and Mike Long are 2 incredibly successful entrepreneurs who co-founded Bring the Fresh together with David Mills. Mike Long’s latest project had $50 million in profits. He decided to create a few weeks ago a mastermind in Amsterdam, with David Mills and 5 other millionaire experts in the digital marketing world. This second part of the webinars series is part of a 3-phase process that turns people into digital rock stars. The Amsterdam mastermind was a huge success. Members of multimillion-dollar digital agencies who participated to it were already among the best 1% digital marketers in the world, but after Amsterdam, their results went through the roof, not to mention their apprentices also exceeded their own expectations and made even more than their teachers. With access to the Thursday, April 9 webinar, subscribers are also given the opportunity to watch what happened in Amsterdam.

The Conference in New York City

And as if that isn’t enough already, the New York City Times Square conference from 2 weeks ago, which was hosted by Ryan Deiss and Mike Long especially for digital marketers, is also going to be revealed as a BONUS and an important 3rd phase in the process of rocking those profits from online businesses. Here’s what has been discussed at the New York conference:

How Eric Brief, the master of selling digital marketing agency packages managed to sell 400 SEO and digital marketing agency packages, making his clients happy.

Michael Tesalona’s incredible strategy for generating client leads. Michael is Eric’s partner and runs a 7-figure digital marketing agency.

How Greg Morrisons made millions from his 1,000 free traffic websites that harness traffic from Google. For those who don’t know, Greg is a SEO mastermind who knows what clicks work and how to generate massive traffic for brand-new websites.

Joe Marfoglio’s method of making millions from YouTube. Joe and Greg created in the past a website that now makes about $30,000 a month, and now they have hundreds of these websites. Joe knows exactly how to make money from YouTube without wasting time.

A presentation by Ryan Deiss, Roland Fraiser, Simon Harries and Laura Castleman. Ryan and Roland are the founders of Digital Marketer, Traffic and Conversion, and War Room. Their speeches at the New York conference were truly impressive and helped digital marketing agents understand much more of what they’re doing and how they can generate huge profits. JV Zoo’s CEO, Laura is an expert in affiliate marketing. Simon has also made millions with his 7-figure affiliate agency.


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