Best Soundbar under $200


Let's admit it – the inbuilt speakers suck in most of the televisions we use. But by merely adding an extra peripheral like a soundbar, the music quality of the TVs can reach rocket high. Even with best soundbar under $200, sitting on your comfortable couch, you can enjoy theater-like sound effects and sound detailing that creates the spectacular watching thrill experience.

By connecting your phone to the soundbar, you can also enjoy music from your favorite bands and have a concert-like experience right at your place. No kidding, promise!

If you don't know what soundbars are, let me explain to you in simple words. As the name suggests, soundbars usually look like a neat rectangular bar that can be placed beneath TV set or adjusted over the wall.

But with the advancement in the E-commerce market, there are some inferior companies as well who market their products well to the genuine buyers but ship low-quality soundbars. So be aware and select your soundbar carefully. However, you don’t have to worry; I've researched the market and products for you.

In this article, I have listed some of the best soundbars under $200. But first, let us have a quick glance at the factors I considered while choosing the best soundbars for our budget:

Before you buy the best soundbar under $200

Below are the aspects to be considered before buying a soundbar that suits your requirements and budget:

Audio Quality matters the most

This is quite self-explanatory. But the reason I listed it first is because most of the buyers assume that if there are spending $200, the audio quality of soundbar would be satisfactory. But that's not the case. Receiving a soundbar where sound quality is comprised is the worst thing and doesn't serve the purpose why you bought them in the first place. So to make things a easier for you, let us dive a little deeper into what a soundbar must have:

  • Subwoofer

Subwoofers are the ones to control the bass level. It is the integral element to amplify the audio quality. Most of the soundbar speakers have an inbuilt subwoofer. However, some of them may have a separate subwoofer to bring music beats to life.

  • Frequency Range

You should target 100 Hz – 20 kHz frequency range. This way the highs will be top notch and bass will sound accurate. However, the frequency response usually varies between the various soundbar speakers and this is due to the difference in woofers.

  • Drivers

This is an essential element as it is the actual unit that produces the sound. There are many expensive drivers available, but Neodymium drivers work great and have high audio quality.

Check Connectivity

Most of the times, soundbars are connected to the TV sets. Soundbar speakers make movies and show more enjoyable. The subwoofers improve the explosions while tweezers enhance the dialogs.

However, TV is not the only means of connecting the soundbars. You may also connect the soundbars to your phone or tablet and control the speakers from a distance. This is possible if the soundbar supports Bluetooth connectivity. This is the most convenient connectivity method.

You can also use AUX cables if you don't intend to connect Bluetooth devices. The key parameter here is the quality of the cable. Better the quality – better the connectivity.


You must always prefer the quality of soundbar over the brand. Many low-budget competitive brands have stepped up lately that deliver high-quality products. However, good brands have better after service and customer support.

So, the middle way to this debate is to look for a soundbar brand that produces genuine quality products and has a reputed name among the customers.

Reviews from other users

Taking the previous factor a step further, one of the best ways to know if the product serves your purpose or not is to look for reviews of the people who bought it. Since they have the first-hand experience of using the soundbar you presumably want to purchase, reviews from them is your best bet to find out about the performance of the soundbar.

And that's one of the reasons I've added the direct product link to the Amazon so that you can check out the reviews of other buyers.

Cheap or Durable?

Well choosing a product that is either cheap or durable isn't the right approach. The soundbar should be both in budget and durable. Since you are looking for the best soundbar under $200, you may also look around local dealers who may provide the similar features at a cheaper rate. But then you have to look at various other aspects mentioned above as well.

As far as the durability of the soundbar is concerned, you can prevent them from breaking by placing them in a safe place or even better – by mounting them on the wall. Since you would buy a soundbar with your hard-earned money, it also makes sense to avail an additional warranty year by paying a small amount. This can invariably save your pocket if, over the years, the system breaks down.

Compare various soundbars

Again, no-brainer – comparing various soundbars side by side can give you a better idea of what you are getting or missing out on. Instead of shuffling through the tabs or brochures, you can weigh the features of each soundbar and thereby narrow down your options.

However, preparing a chart and table for this can be cumbersome. So don't worry, you don’t have to do that all by yourself. I've made a comparison table of best soundbar under $200 which you can find in the next section.

Soundbars Under $200 Comparison Table

[amazon table=”11165″]

Best Soundbar under $200

Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofers & Bluetooth

[amazon box=”B07D73HMVR”]

The Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar is a slim soundbar with two built-in subwoofers. These subwoofers have a great deep bass that delivers high audio quality. It brings movies and music to life. And the best part is it automatically adjusts sync, so no lag is experienced while watching movies.

Also, Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar is quite light in weight which makes its mounting process easier. The fact that there are only a couple of wires to be connected, the soundbar setup is a lot faster.

Speaking of wires, this soundbar comes with both an AUX cable and an HDMI cable, saving you from purchasing it separately. With AUX cable, you can connect your phone or tablet and play stuff from there as well. And since it is wired, you don't have to strain on any objects getting in its way to block the connectivity.

Moreover, Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar also has Bluetooth connectivity support. Connecting the speakers wirelessly to operate the soundbar from a distance can be a great aid to save the round trip to the TV unit. But you must stay in its range to prevent the audio from cut outs. And make sure that no objects cover the way as otherwise there are chances of disconnection.

Thus, Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofers & Bluetooth can be a perfect choice with the features we just discussed. The audio quality is great due to built-in subwoofers; its slim; easy to mount and setup; has Bluetooth connectivity. I guess most of your requirements would be met.

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  • High Quality built-in subwoofer
  • Auto Sync functionality
  • 4K pass through support


  • Unclear setup instructions
  • Delicate to handle


Samsung HW-M360/ZA 2.1 Channel 200 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar

[amazon box=”B06XNZDYH4″]

The Samsung HW-M360/ZA (2017 Model) has a 130 watt external subwoofer. This helps produce exceptional low frequencies and improve the audio quality. However, it is heavy in weight which makes it a little bulky to mount on the wall. And since its 6.5 inch in size, it needs a particular space too. Building a dedicated shelf can be the right choice as well.

The soundbar itself is sleek in shape and can be mounted beneath the TV screen. This does save up some extra space. You can also mount the soundbar on the wall. However, compared to the audio quality you get, all these hassles are worth every penny. It has a frequency response of 45 Hz – 20 KHz and setting up both the units is quite easy.

This soundbar also supports Bluetooth connectivity. With it, you can stream music from your phone day and night. However, note that as opposed to AUX cable, this can drain your phone battery.

Moreover, you can also download and install the Samsung phone app to operate the features. This kind of facility is available very rarely.

Hence, Samsung HW-M360/ZA 2.1 Channel 200 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar can be an ideal deal if managing the space isn’t an issue for you and you believe in owing products from quality brands. The combination of soundbar and subwoofer delivers marvelous audio quality that can be well controlled with the Samsung app on your smartphone.

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  • Easy and fast setup
  • Phone app to control settings


  • Can't mount subwoofer on the wall
  • May not be ideal for small places


Sony S200F 2.1ch SoundBar with Built-in Subwoofer and Bluetooth

[amazon box=”B0797MPR8H”]

The Sony S200F soundbar comes with an in-built subwoofer. It supports power as high as 80 watts. The soundbar also has tweeters that take care of the high beats while subwoofer controls the lows perfectly.

The soundbar supports both wired and Bluetooth connectivity. For the people who don't want their phone battery to drain, can use AUX cable to connect to the soundbar speakers. You can also connect your computer system to it.

And you can take advantage of its inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity to connect devices wirelessly to the soundbar. This way you can get rid of untidy wires all around. Plus, this soundbar has convenient buttons to skip songs and change volume with a single press button.

Moreover, the Sony S200F is of a suitable size to be placed beneath the TV. However, the soundbar also has an option to be mounted on the wall.

Also, the installation process is pretty straightforward and doesn't consume much time even for beginners as it uses a single HDMI ARC cable for connection. And the soundbar has quite a vibrant audio quality all thanks to its 2.1 channels which is very reliable for TV use.

Thus, the Sony S200F Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with Subwoofer has a great audio quality; has an internal subwoofer and supports Bluetooth technology.

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  • High quality subwoofer
  • Satisfactory audio quality
  • Ideal for small places


  • Little smaller in size
  • No additional subwoofer


GooBang Doo Soundbar with Subwoofer

[amazon box=”B07D5WSCQP”]

The GooBang Doo Soundbar comes with an additional subwoofer. It has dual tweeter drivers and four full range speakers. This combination enhances the music experience to the next level.

Like others, you can connect this soundbar to an AUX cable for a lag-free audio experience. The GooBang Doo Soundbar also has Bluetooth support. But make sure that no objects intervene in between the soundbar and the device so that there's no syncing issue.

One of the best advantages of this soundbar is the inbuilt EQ audio mode system. The EQ modes crystallize the dialogs or music beats or intense background sounds depending on the mode. It has 4 EQ modes namely News, Music, Movie, 3D. Note that this feature isn't available in many top-brand soundbars.

Amidst all these features the only factor that can be a deal breaker is that it cannot be mounted on the wall. So you have to create an extra space for both the soundbar and the external subwoofer. The soundbar has side buttons which make it convenient to use and installation process is fast as well.

Hence, GooBang Doo SoundBar with Subwoofer has all the right things you would be looking in a soundbar. It has high end music quality, Bluetooth support, EQ modes at the place. The only problem can be placement. But it surely can be your best soundbar under $200.

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  • Additional subwoofer
  • Ease of use


  • Can't mount soundbar and subwoofer on the wall
  • May not be ideal for small places


Wohome S9920 Soundbar

[amazon box=”B06Y6MH8BF”]

The Wohome S9920 Soundbar has two built-in bass reflex tubes which can be a thumbs up for bass lovers. It also has four built-in full range speakers of 15 watts each and two tweeters of 10 watts each. The bass produces pitch-perfect lower beats while the multiple tweeters take over the high notes. This system of 80 watts with bass that can reach 105 dB makes it a fantastic choice and eliminates the need of an external subwoofer to a certain extent.

You can have wired connectivity with this soundbar or opt for using its Bluetooth technology. The soundbar has simple setup steps. The Wohome S9920 Soundbar comes with a one year warranty along with 45 day money back guarantee.

Moreover, this 40-inch soundbar package has a mount-kit as well which can be used to mount the soundbar on either on the wall or other surfaces thus reducing your headache of manually doing so.

It comes with a handy remote control too, but the problem is that it isn't compatible with the TV and universal remotes. Thus both the TV and soundbar audio will run on separate channels. You can obviously regulate the volume for better sound quality.

Hence, Wohome S9920 Soundbar can be your right choice if you're looking for a soundbar typically for your TV set. Its two bass reflex tubes which definitely makes it the best soundbar under $200 for bass fans.

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  • Affordable price
  • Superb bass quality
  • 45 day money back guarantee


  • Incompatible remote control with TV's


VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

[amazon box=”B00SMBG8QY”]

TheVIZIO SB3821-C6 has amazing drivers that support as high as 100 dB sounds with less than 1% of total harmonic distortion. It also has a wireless subwoofer that controls the beats to as low as 50 Hz with a range of about 60 feet. Plus, two rear speakers are to be connected to the subwoofer with a wire.

The soundbar also supports Bluetooth connectivity to stream music and videos right from your phone/tablet. The VIZIO SB3821-C6 has Dolby Digital technology which enhances the overall experience. It also has DTS TruSurround feature. This is a virtual solution that delivers realistic sound environment.

This 5.1 channel soundbar is about 38 inches long and can cover a frequency range of 50 Hz-20 kHz. It also has an HDMI input port. It is also mountable on the wall.

But since it has a wireless subwoofer, you may forget to charge it at times which can be a big turn off when you sit to watch a movie. So a workaround for it is to let the subwoofer be plugged in at one spot.

Hence, VIZIO SB3821-C6 with Wireless Subwoofer model can be your best soundbar under $200. It has reasonable audio quality and features like DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume surely add brownie points in its pocket.

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  • Wireless subwoofer
  • DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume feature
  • Faster setup


  • Bulky in size
  • Lower lifespan


ZVOX SoundBase 330 Soundbar

[amazon box=”B06XD6DD9D”]

The ZVOX SoundBase 330 Soundbar has a built-in subwoofer. However, its form factor supports the installation of 5.25 inch subwoofer as well. It comes with three speakers. Though it has a compact size and is only about 24 inches long, the soundbar surprisingly has a good audio quality.

The soundbar uses AccuVoice Hearing Aid Technology to deliver crystal clear music and dialogs. It covers a frequency range of about 55 Hz -20 kHz and 40 W power. It cannot be mounted, but since the soundbar is so small in size, it doesn't take up a lot of space and can be merely placed beneath the TV screen. It is easy to install and has analog, optical and coaxial stereo for connection.

The only missing feature is the Bluetooth support. So you may have to physically get up every time to change its settings. The soundbar, of course, has a remote control as well to save you some round trips.

However, if that doesn't bother you and you are short on space with not a giant TV unit, the ZVOX SoundBase 330 Soundbar can be your perfect music and movie partner.

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  • Compact size
  • AccuVoice hearing aid technology
  • Cost efficient


  • No Bluetooth support
  • No external subwoofer
  • Cannot be mounted


What to (and not to) expect from a $200 soundbar?

In the market, you can get a soundbar for $50 as well as for more than $1000. But $200 budget is definitely a right spot to be in for a medium ranged and quality product. The best soundbar under $200 may not have an award winning audio quality, but it will surely enhance the sound effects. You'll experience a much louder and clearer sound than your default TV set has.

The soundbar in this range comes with an inbuilt or external subwoofer and mostly has a Bluetooth connectivity option. It may have a wide range of input and may support HDMI input as well for better performance.


As technology is progressing the TV screens are getting smarter and slimmer; the picture quality is getting much better. But amidst these, the audio quality isn't getting any better and deteriorating in a way. And thus you realize the need to fix this. Soundbars serve just the right purpose.

In this article, we discussed some of the best soundbars under $200 in detail with its pros and cons. Hope you find the one that suits your need – All the best!


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